Do You Receive SSN? – Sept. 12, 2022

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Social Security (that would be retirement) will go up for people over 62, it’ll make a big difference for seniors, and I think they’ll top out at $4500 or a little under $5000 dollars a month if you’re in the upper echelon, and even if it is not. If you make the minimum like $1,000 or $1,200, you’ll get more, maybe like double what you have now. So it’s going to be really amazing.

NESARA is supposed to start and be announced on September 11, that’s this Sunday…

Now let’s talk dates and I’ll get back to where we were in a minute. September 15, which is next Thursday – a week from this Thursday – is when all countries will announce to their countrymen that their currencies are asset-backed: some of them are fully backed by gold, some are partially backed by gold using other heavy metals like silver, platinum, palladium, and all those other jewels or precious metals like diamonds.

You know, there’s a crust of diamonds about six feet down in Iraq, in the sand. There’s a whole six-inch crust of diamonds that they found when they were drilling for oil. Now, it’s amazing what wealth there is in that region that God put there from the beginning, very early.

So what I’m saying is when the 15th rolls around, what was I saying about the 15th? Yes, currencies from around the world will be advertised as gold-backed or asset-backed, including our USTN or US Treasury notes and the real US and digital version of our currency.

Okay now the other thing that’s a little bit interesting and let’s pause for a minute between the 11th which is Sunday and the 15th which is Thursday next week, there’s a period that I’m going to call “Financial Possible” . I don’t want to use a word that is not appropriate. Let’s call it “financial system change.” And what do I mean by that in that four or five day period from the 11th to the 14th?

One thing is that the fiat money we have right now might be a little less available at real banks and ATMs because during this time they are preparing to make the switch to our new USTN collapsible physical money. The one that is carried in the pocket. That’s supposed to happen on the 15th – the new money – a week from Thursday.

Now, in that period from the 11th to the 15th, we’re going to get announcements about NESARA and we’re going to get who knows what else… We might get some revelation in that time period, “I think” and it might be interesting to see what happens from cash point of view.

Now here’s the other thing they told me: during that time, if we buy something with our credit and/or debit card, let’s say we go to the store and we’re just buying something like groceries or whatever, we use our credit card debit or credit card to pay, I understand it’s between the 11th and the 15th. In that period those charges won’t accrue in our bank account until the 15th – so they will accrue, but it won’t be charged to our bank accounts until on the 15th. Well, that’s interesting.

It is what the analogy was but I would say it is an interesting time for us as the shift to our new money is taking place so with NESARA and GESARA both require these currencies to be asset backed. And we’ll see how that goes, we’ll see what happens.

Now, let’s go to we got information last night and a couple of times today, that the end result is that the Treasury is supposed to contact the main bank, and I understand that it seems that they had done just before this call tonight to tell them when to release the emails to us.


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