Bank Bailin? – Sept. 12, 2022

Editor’s Note: Really like the way this is shaping up for humanity! Stay tuned…!

This is the definition of a Bail-in which is the opposite to a bail-out which is the use of external funds to prop up a collapsing business” a bail-in is the use of internal funds to prop up the business” so when the Vatican say that they want all holdings brought to the Vatican bank Volt’s by the 30th of September they are talking about ALL the money’s held in ALL Rothschild banks ie YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS as this is in the contacts that you signed when you opened up your account


I see this as the Vatican’s Sept 30 deadline for all Catholic Churches to send money to the Vatican bank as a Whitehat operation…

They have to pull all the Vatican money to their banks and all property. They are being dried up imo


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