Sounds Interesting… – Sept. 10, 2022

SEP 15 – Ethereum merge into Stellar?

SEP 16 – British TV Awards


SEP 19 – STATE FUNERAL – Air Space – No Fly Zone

❗️UK No-Fly Zone Declared for Sept 19 over Central London – State Funeral Date?

[19] Future Marker?

We Have The Sub

Think Nuclear Stand-off


Operation Unicorn – Queen dies in Scotland, transported via train to London

Operation Overstudy – Queen dies in Scotland, transported via plane to London

Internally, the Queen’s passing will be referred to as D-DAY.


King Charles declares 17 days of mourning as royals release Queen memorial details

Queen protects the King.

Arrested KC 11.3 or more?


Checkmate Jet or Rods Of God.

Putin’s U.K. Missile Strike Would ‘End British Crown’: Russian General

Mr Pool – READY

Harvest Moon – Sept 10.

World Suicide Prevention Day

Suicide Weekend?

Royal Family Loyalists?

US Braces for “Life-Threatening Surf” from Hurricane Earl

SEP 11 1775, 1776, 1777

NDA Lift

SEP 12 – Emmys Red Carpet = MOAB?



Full woke shit 💩….this get tons of publicity… son hunter nothing….





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