Here We Go… – Sept. 10, 2022



Love this! 🌹


Not happening’ as Kate is a Ken…🌹

Coincidence?! 💥🔥


Carrington event.



September 10th, 2022 💫

A Fortunate FULL MOON is Rising, Dear One 🌝

In the areas You’ve felt the most stuck, a BREAKTHROUGH is COMING 🙏



Something BIG is Brewing and is About to BE Unleashed on Even GREATER SCALE than what WE Are Witnessing NOW!

NOW We See the Magnetics Are Falling and the Frequency of LIGHT Is Rising!


✨ Earth Is SHIFTING!

At The Point Of Convergence..The Earth Will SHIFT and ALL Will BE CHANGED!

For All of us Who have Chosen to Live in HIGHER LIGHT ✨ have Known on a HIGHER Level that the Old Way of Earth Life is FINISHED NOW!

Yet WE Are Aware that Humanity CANNOT Move to the Next Level Without the parts of the Old System Progressively Leaving the Scene..and That is What WE See Occurring NOW!

As Humanity INVESTS increasingly in its own Honour.. and its own Courage on its path of Ascension, the old hierarchical way of life.. and the preference for it.. Will fade to the Point where it is Barely Remembered!

WE Are PURE DIVINE SOURCE Consciousness And Frequency!!!

Within DIVINE LOVE of ONE 💙✨

Pars Kutay


It is ALL a matter of frequency/vibrations, always…✨


Schumann Resonance Today ⚡️ 4 Days Of Darkness

🇬🇧 ✨ #SchumannResonance Today 10/9 08:00 UTC


Brace Yourselves

The Storm is upon us ⛈ 🌪⚡️


JUST IN – Powerful 7.7M earthquake hits Papua New Guinea.


Y’all can Run but Y’all can’t hide it’s just a matter of time


Everyone has been faced with challenges, none of this has been easy. Read that last paragraph again: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are a family of online warriors❤️


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