Kat Is the Sea II – Sept. 10, 2022

Ty for the sugg about Q answers 💞 Didn’t know that!

Are you asking for a video where Juan talks about 
the Rothschilds & the City of London? 🙏

I have MANY MANY transcripts where Juan goes into
The City of London being its own little Nation State
separate from England.
That it was the ONLY PLACE ON EARTH where
Queen Elizabeth II 
& EVERY U.K. monarch
had to give deference to ANYONE.
Once a year, QE2 had to go to the City of London
take off her shoes
& literally bow & curtsy to the “Lord Mayor of London”
who was always a Rothschild patsy
[like Boris Johnson.]
U.K. Royalty was a minion of the bloodline bankers
but THEY were minions 
to the 13 Phoenician bloodline families 
who lived in Venice.
[Venice being a ‘floating’ city
in order to insure “Maritime Law” on Earth.]
The Payseur bloodline family
were literally the “paymasters” 
& handled the money side of the demon matrix.
That is how I understand it.

Was that what you were asking? 🙏


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