Kat Is The Sea I – Sept. 20, 2022

at IstheSea3@katisthesea3

 5 hours ago

👑 Page from Princess Diana’s notebook
in her handwriting

“I am sitting here at my desk today in October,
longing for someone to hug me & encourage me
to keep strong & hold my head high —
This particular phase in my life
is the MOST dangerous —
My husband is planning “an accident” in my car,
brake failure 
& serious head injury
in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy.
Camilla is nothing but a decoy,
so we are all…” 💞

Ghost Ezra
“Many that you think are alive are dead
& many you think that are dead are alive…
When you go into witsec 
you immediately get a new identity.
Jfk Jr died on paper that day.
Q told you the truth 
you just had to use both sides of your brain to get it. 
Easy peasy, next.”

Is JFK Jr alive?





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Kat IstheSea3@katisthesea3

 2 hours ago

When the TRUTH about this monarchy 
is revealed
I don’t think “King” Charles III is long for this world
or his “royal” family
or even the word “monarchy.”

“Royalty” was CREATED by the deep state demons.
THEY call themselves 
Queen, Lord, Emperor, Pharaoh, Baron, etc.
in order to CONTROL the sheep/Humanity.

Like they assign dark meaning to numbers
& star alignments 
to suit THEIR narratives.
As Juan is always saying:
They’re Magicians, Merlins, Illusionists.

But the curtain is about to be lifted on their horror.

And the fact is, Humanity is TRUE ROYALTY.
We are the children of God
with our Divine Soul intact.
It doesn’t get more royal than that 🙏🕊️💞



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