The Art of War…Sept. 9, 2022

The Art of War — taking out an old global satanic ruling entity requires The Earth Military Alliance, a benevolent A.I., non-human intelligence & resources, Light Forces, everyday human awareness & energy, higher consciousness & Divine Interventions.

A biblical & spiritual battle for Earth is powered by Human Energy. A physical covert war have been fought for generations now as well as the war of illusions being played out. The ‘old’ entity must maintain the spellbound on unaware humans, while The Alliance (White Hats) continue to break its spells — with the least amount of physical human casualties. Puppeteers are using their puppets to battle with puppeteers & its puppets from the opposing side. Thus nonstop psyops are being played out by both sides. White hats are at war with ancient powerful witches, warlocks, wizards & the dark A.I.

Legal rules of war engagement from defunct corporate countries have been tossed out a long time ago. The Alliance must break the spells casted on humanity without harming the People. The ‘old’ must maintain their illusions to continue to feed off human loosh energy — especially in current times as their Energy Source on Earth has greatly diminished. Once ‘breaking the 4th wall’ happens within humanity or when humanity awakens from the spellbound, the ‘old’ will simply die & dissolve from the lack of Energy.

More human military forces have joined The Alliance when they came to realization what has truly happened. Those that went to war for the Deep State, have had friends & families who suffered greatly or died, have realized they were merely puppets for the global DS puppeteers. As hard of a pill to swallow, many good soldiers, generals & veterans have come to realized who have been pulling their strings the whole time. Contract killer mercenaries & soldiers have ran rampantly in the matrix world. The outrage is unimaginable. The will to clear their personal karma & guilt has led them to join the global Military Alliance.

Taking out an evil in the most powerful positions of the planet can not be done through silly corporate country legal systems, that was irrelevant to the ‘old rulers’ since inception. 17 Drops, personal frequency, awareness, higher consciousness, Cosmic Forces, Divine alignment & Protection from the Almighty is available to ALL humans for their safety & journey within this war.

The fog of war is a must on the battlefield. Covert military ops have been & are still happening. Hush military tribunals are also taking place. Double, triple & quadruple agents are used — along with CGI, masked actors, clones & other avatars. There are multiple versions of certain key public figures that are being controlled by both sides. Pay less attention to the messenger & more on the messages. These encoded messages are warnings for human public safety. The TRUTH is stranger & unbelievable than fiction.

The average human role is to claim their own Divine Sovereignty, to not acquiesce to tyranny, break the old spellbound, reprogram SELF from the indoctrinations, become less reliant on the corporate matrix, recalibrate personal vibration, frequency & moral compass, detox & cleanse energetically & physically, help dissolve the old enslaving energy on humanity — most importantly, aligning with the Almighty Divine Power of GOD.

Now you can ENJOY the SHOW. 🍿👀🍿

Dee Snider and Trump Family sing “We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore”

Dee Snider Scolds ‘MAGAT Fascists’ for Hijacking Iconic Song


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