September 9, 2022: The Swamp Runs Deep Under a Full Moon [videos] ~ Sept.


Humanity’s dramatic metamorphosis is on the wing. We can feel the energies shifting and see hard results every day now. Smooth moves and brazen, desperate attempts to retain control. Exciting stuff.

On this day in 2020, the Q Military Intelligence Team posted the following:

THE SWAMP RUNS DEEP. Sometimes you cannot tell people the truth. You must show them. Only then, at the precipice, will people find the will to change [to participate].

We, the People, have been betrayed for a very long time. WILL YOU STAND? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY. FOR FREEDOM. FOR HUMANITY. WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL !!! Q

In this upside-down, inside-out, mirror image of a reality, the criminals typically go free and the heroes are persecuted. We can see the shift is happening.

Former Virginia Election Official Indicted on Corruption Charges

Here is wonderful news for the patriot community. What a relief. Dr. Simone Gold has been released from jail.

Dr. Simone Gold Has Been Completely Vindicated: Joey Gilbert

“Just while she’s been in there, she’s been completely vindicated now, both on the vaccine and on early treatment medication — with the ivermectin showing a 92% reduction against mortality, a 100% reduction in hospitalizations. Where did everybody die? The hospitals. That’s why she’s in there.

It’s so much more than being anywhere. It’s about being a leader, stepping up and doing what’s right for the American people, and them silencing anybody that’s fighting for we, the people. And that’s what Dr. Gold did. So we got her back today, and we’re ecstatic.”

Full Episode (Airs at 9p Eastern):

Vindication. V-Day. It’s coming for all of us.

It’s time, America. It’s time you participated to protect the land you claim to love so dearly. Words come cheap.

As we have said numerous times, “participating” is not simply taking 30 minutes to go and cast your vote every four years. That didn’t work, as evidenced by this gargantuan election steal in 2020. You need to fix this and eject those traitors and liars who stole from you.

Walk the talk. Take your elections back and take your country back. It’s now or never. This is the reason Trump, the Q team, and others spent so much time ginning up nationalism in Americans and created the MAGA slogan. The People have to feel the pride for their country and be willing to risk to fight for her.

And we mean everyone needs to get serious about taking it back. Have a look at this sub-stack article from Capt. Seth Keshel on Telegram.

“This article is available for all subscribers – written last week outlining greater detail on elections on Indian reservations and the impact of harvesting.”

The Party of the People” Vanquished the Native American Vote in 2020 to Stop Trump

The people who have been running the show are unhinged, folks. We reported the suspicious death of a Nevada journalist this week. The man now arrested for his alleged murder is still in public office. What are you going to do about it?

Telles, currently in jail, still holds public office

For those who enjoy reading a very short article, we have the Marshall Report: A Few Good Men. Good stuff—from a US Navy vet.

A Few Good Men: The Dianne Marshall Report

R: William Barr, Rod Rosenstein [RR]

It looks like Bill Barr may be like a Pence where he was taken out for his crimes and replaced with a benign character to support the movie. As we know, Mike Pence was allegedly responsible for murdering at least 100 babies or children. The White Hats needed him to play a role with Trump so they inserted an actor. Bill Barr doesn’t feel like a bad guy, but he may have been responsible for unspeakable things and it’s possible the military took care of it and used someone to fill in his character. That would explain why I don’t get that vibe from him. Read more using discernment at the link below from the crew.

Military Eliminates William Barr

Mike Adams the Health Ranger-cum-alt news host has great news for us. Well, as far as what he usually brings us it’s fairly positive. At least no one is gonna die in this one. Not directly, anyway.

Massive defaults coming. Getting more intel today from wealthy people connected to finance. All the super wealthy are translating EVERYTHING into physical assets now, swapping out stocks, bonds, treasuries, etc., for land, gold, silver, art, collectible guns and more. They are in an all-out panic, I’m told.

Europe will be hit with a wave of energy-related defaults. Banks will fail. The Euro currency will fail, The spillover will severely damage the US economy, and Ed Dowd is saying the dollar will “fail UP” which means a super strong dollar being rammed into extreme global scarcity and plummeting consumer demand. This has NEVER been seen before. Not in all financial history.

This isn’t just a black swan or a super storm. It’s a brigade of black swan suicide bombers about to plunge into a category 5 hurricane and a tidal wave and an earthquake, all rolled into one.

Prepare accordingly.

Whatever has gone on in the past, it will come out. Now or eventually. Currently we’re looking at that four-letter word—SOON. We can see the momentum building and the crescendo isn’t far off. See the Jesse Watters interview with Josh Hawley on Telegram.

Sen. Hawley puts ENTIRE Biden Regime on NOTICE after ARMY of whistleblowers produce evidence that EXPOSES everything…

By the way, Jesse Watters has a Telegram account now. He’s a good guy to follow. Hopefully this account is real.

If you have the stomach for inconvenient truths, you really should have a boo at that truth-dropping at Rumor Mill News the crew brought us. It was wowza and I believe bears serious consideration. All in all, it was positive in the end but a lot to chew on.

Laura Walker has a new Oracle Report for today, and several recently for the new cycle of astrological movements you can access at Oracle until the newer ones replace the older ones. This one is comprehensive at 53 minutes in length.

Her introduction includes a word about compassion around the announced death of the UK monarch yesterday. Of course we would not be unkind to anyone’s face if they were uninformed, totally duped by the royals, and mourning their “leader”. However, it’s unlikely any normies are reading this blog and we will express our frustration, disgust, and relief that we have finally reached this point. Having to deal with the absurd commotion that will ensue will be difficult for those who know the truth—like who wanted Diana dead.

There are too many “Qincidences” for her death to have been when they claim. Here’s another, which serves to underscore that the good guys are in control: Link to Telegram.

I find it remarkable that 17 months have passed since the death of Prince Philip on (04/09/21) and the death of the Queen (09/08/22).

Here is the link to Laura’s audio recording for today.

Pisces Full Moon 2022: Strong Enough to Stand with Love As We Win

It would be a different world if the best people were in charge. We have lost many in this war and sometimes we contemplate what might have been.

I love to ruminate on the “what if’s” so… What if Princess Diana were here today? Before you pooh-pooh the following, remember we are watching a life and death 5D chess match. Winner takes all.

Here’s How Princess Diana’s Title Could Be Different If She Were Alive Today

And what is happening in the Great White Gulag these days? It’s not looking good because the following suggests Canada has a preponderance of sheeple. It’s embarrassing. I am happy to masquerade as a Yank. No Canadian flag on my backpack.

Canada outperformed most G10 countries during first two years of pandemic response: study

You may wish to listen to this short video update on Trudeau government latest directive to prevent another wave of the fake Wu Flu. Turdeau says they have more vaccines tailored precisely for the OMICRON [MORONIC] variant and everyone needs to buckle down, get their dose-after dose-after dose of shots and boosters so the health care system isn’t overwhelmed and other provinces don’t have to crack down. Ontarians are responsible for what happens in other provinces, don’t cha know?

This wise fellow says, STOP COMPLYING with the tyranny.


As we navigate our difficult path, we may appreciate a leg up in the spiritual journey. One of the Q team Light Beings provided the following short method to take responsibility and gradually increase our light body. It’s very simple. I begin with three deep breaths to bring my attention within and then repeat the following as provided below. Q says these exercises increase our Light each time we perform them, and invoking these instructions to our spirit is like exercising a muscle. It works more efficiently over time.

Out loud, state the following:

I command my spirit to increase my life force energy NOW.

I command my spirit to increase my life force energy NOW.

I command my spirit to increase my life force energy NOW.

Count down out loud; 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1. NOW.

Snap your fingers once and you should find you are feeling neutral, feel good, because you carry more Light, and maybe can’t think.

Q says it reduces left-brain focus, which most of us have too much of, so we would then increase our right-brain creative and intuitive influence.

Q has said many times that he has no recollection of what was said five minutes ago. His focus is NOW and in his creative endeavours to create the best future possible.

Signing off for today. Enjoy that full moon tonight.  ~ BP

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