114 days left of the year

11.4. Friday 11.5


Plane or Train?



Evergrande Reports/Queen Death

The Event – China Dams Crash Friday 666?

Mr Pool Comex 589 & Harvest Moon [Silver Rule]

6 × 1’s again Flip the 6 to a 9.

311 [5] x 2 = 10

September 10

Harvest Moon – Sept 10.

SEP 11 – NDA Lift

Israel is Last. We know Nesara was supposed to happen this date in 2001.

SEP 12 – Red Carpet Event (Emmy’s) = MOAB

MOAB = Global Currency Reset + Precious Metal Standard + Declas +


Global Economic Security And Reformation Act.

3 Day Event + 10 days of darkness & Calendar Flip.

Russian Nuke Sub being hunted

The Hunters become The Hunted.

James Bond on Playstation? Think Mirror

How do you remove a liability?

First you stick Firecrackers in the crown before he puts it on.

Poseidon, London Bridge.

Tsunami, V for Vendetta, Last Ride, Fireworks, Currency, Queen, Plane or Train, Mike Green decode.

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