What This REALLY Means! – Sept. 8, 2022

the year




Makes Friday 11.5

Plane or Train?

11.4 & 11.5



So Evergrande Reports/Queen Death

Think The Football NFL 1st game. The Event – China Dams Bigger Crash Friday 666?


Mr Pool Comex 589 & Harvest Moon [Silver Rule]

6 × 1’s again Flip the 6 to a 9.

311 [5] x 2 = 10

September 10

Harvest Moon – Sept 10.

SEP 11 – NDA Lift

We know Israel is Last. We know Nesara was supposed to happen this date in 2001.

SEP 12 – Red Carpet Event (Emmy’s) = MOAB

MOAB = Global Currency Reset + Precious Metal Standard + Declas +


Global Economic Security And Reformation Act.

3 Day Event + 10 days of darkness & Calendar Flip.

Q500 – Let’s Go



received this video where kids meet Queen and many of you asked me if she’s really a reptilian.

I’m not saying that she’s a reptilian, but the fact is that both kids and animals, can sense evil spirits, as they are pure souls.

The thing with kids is they don’t have the limitations of life and belief systems installed fully. Many kids sense spirits because they are still disconnected from the logical physical realm but entirely relying on their intuition/senses.

When most loving people look at babies, the babies look at you and smile, when an evil person looks at a baby, the baby looks scared or cries.

In conclusion, I would say that the kids can feel the overwhelming evil presence, thus kid crawled out of the room to avoid the Queen. However this all ends when the adults in their lives start telling them how to think and what to believe.

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