Earth Alliance and Patriot News for September 8, 2022


By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 8, 2022

Earth Alliance & Patriot News for September 8th, 2022

Ashtar: Constitutional Law Amazing Excerpt:

 “Now, what is happening on this earth right now but particularly in America is the re-introduction of Constitutional Law which is based upon Universal Law.”

“So Constitutional Law, which aligns with Universal Law, dispenses with all of this. These laws recognize you as being a sovereign person and in charge of your own identity and your own life, your own possessions and so forth. It sees you as being self-responsible and responsible to others.”

“Upon re-institution of the Constitution Mr. T (President Trump) will be the next Constitutional president after a hiatus of 200 plus years. He will be in charge of dismantling the Corporate American system. There will still be a financial system in place but this system will be more benevolent to Americans and will continue until such time they are ready to disband it and work on other terms.

The work isn’t over yet, my dears. Not at all.

And yes, Mr. T (President Trump) is a Jesuit. He is part of the system that wanted to allow for free people in North America and he has been working as many of his ancestors have for years in order to free the people of America and ultimately the world again. The Jesuits recognize universal law. They are an old religious order that worked with universal law and had knowledge of alchemy. The Jesuits were suppressed in Europe and fled to America in order to start their own colony, a colony of free men. Of course, they were infiltrated a hundred years later and the rest is history.”

“Those who practice Law of One as the Jesuits do understand that to free yourself all must be free as well. In the beginning, of course, they will still profit from the system at hand. The entire system will not be dissolved immediately. People will still go to work and moguls will continue to profit. However, there will be less suffering on the part of the people.”

“We will be here to help you but you will take your collective power back and begin to stand in your own rights. This shift is already starting and there is no stopping it now.

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