September 7, 2022: Can We Move Forward Before We Have Fixed the Past?


We hope everyone had a good, long Labour Day weekend, if you recognize that ‘holiday’. Big news continues to pour out and there is some fascinating stuff as you scroll through the following post.

Here is a perfect example of why we recommended so many times that everyone prepare to shelter in place, have extra food, water, meds, pet supplies, cash, full tanks of gas, candles, batteries, generators, etc. Anything can happen during a war—esp. a war against psychopaths—so be ready to stay, and also to go, with a bug-out bag full of energy snacks, water, meds, matches/lighter, flashlight, important papers like insurance, cash, etc. in case you have to evacuate on very short notice. You should also arrange a safe meeting place with family members in case you are not together and must leave your home. Everyone must know where it is and how to get there and have a way to get there and stay until the rest of the family arrives.

Canada is seeing its share of ‘events’ this year.

‘Extended’ power outage in Jasper likely as Chetamon Mountain wildfire burns

California’s grid operator issues another energy emergency alert for this evening.

— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) September 6, 2022

What did Q military intelligence drop have to say four years ago today?

Sep 07, 2018 5:34:10 PM EDT

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 27e1fa No. 2925189 

Do you believe in coincidences?
NYT “Anon” source?
“Sleeper Cells”

Logical thinking.
Month: Sept
Public learned GJ empaneled re: McCabe?
Follow the connections.
We have it all.

If ‘schedule’ is known….

Better prepared?

And what else happened in Canada recently?

10+ Killed in Mass Stabbing Spree, Massive Manhunt Underway

Sleeper cells are awakening when the cabal activates them, and the People are awakening, too.

The People of Mexico are on their feet and they’re not having the New World Order’s tyrannical fascism. Now it won’t seem so odd if the military step in to control the situation in America, will it?

Mexico’s lower congressional chamber held a midnight vote that gave ultimate control of their civilian federal police force to the nation’s military.

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) September 7, 2022

And Prague! Holy smokes.

More of this please!!!!

— Theo Fleury (@TheoFleury14) September 4, 2022

And now it seems most of Brazil rallies in support of their “Trump of the Tropics” Jaire Bolsonaro.

Immense scene from the Copacabana🔥🔥
Over 1 million Brazilians rally in support of President Jair Bolsonaro. The crowd is so large you can’t see where it ends…

Pretty cool. Looks like the Brazilian military is ready.


— Jéssica (@jehava1999) September 7, 2022

And the French have had enough of the Macron-omics.

🇫🇷 Demonstration “Rendez-vous de la Résistance” – September 3, 2022 at Place de la Bourse in Paris – 1

— 𝚁𝙰𝙶𝙴 𝙰𝙶𝙰𝙸𝙽𝚂𝚃 𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝚅𝙰𝙲𝙲𝙸𝙽𝙴 (@72powpow) September 3, 2022

And check THIS out. You had to know there was something big that would come out of the FBI Mar-a-Lago raid sting. Read more here.


The UN International Nuclear Watchdog, the IAEA, are currently investigating Iran’s nuclear production. Specifically pertaining to Obama’s 2015 Nuclear Iran Deal…

What does this mean? It means that even though Obama gave Iran $150+ BILLION taxpayer dollars to NOT make Nuclear weapons, they did it anyways. Anons knew this already, but why are the IAEA in Iran NOW? Why are they probing Iran’s nuclear weapons NOW? Iran Deal in the US news cycle? Mar-a-Lago Docs about Iran Deal?

There MUST be a connection between the IAEA investigation in Iran, and the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. Trump confirmed to us that the docs in question were about the Iran Deal. The dates on the photos confirm it’s about the Iran Deal. And coincidentally the U.N. International Nuclear watchdog was conducting an investigation on Iran’s Nuclear production at the same time the FBI needed Trump’s private documents pertaining to Obama’s Iran Deal… something is up.

Funny how so many old geezers in politics have these “sports injuries”. No wait—they probably fell over. We believe there are tracking devices under there.

Is No-Name McCain somehow linked to the Iran deal documents the FBI were after? He just may have been since we the military already sealed his fate for his treason, sedition, and more. Link to Telegram.  For some reason, the cabal didn’t try very hard to keep that truth quiet as two people, including his daughter, Meghan McCain, stated on live television that No-Name was put to death.

August 26th, 2018 was the death of John McCaine.

May 9th, 2018 was right around when Trump was pulling out of the Iran NUCLEAR deal.

Are these the documents the FBI claim are “nuclear documents”?

And how does John McCaine play a role?

VERY spicy indeed.

For me, Labour Day was “ketchup day”. I get a lot done when I’m not sitting here at the console doing my ENG [electronic news gathering]. I got a lot off my plate that has been sitting there taunting me for a long time and I feel so much better. Lighter. Now you can see right through me since I am no longer weighted down by all that baggage. Everyone needs a productive “catch-up day” now and again. The fasting I did no doubt contributed.

Since my other half is away and I have to pick up the slack with one of his businesses and it has been demanding a lot of my time. It has been a very busy week for a number of reasons and some day it would be nice to retire but that time is not now. Duty calls in so many ways as many of us wear multiple hats.

Did you watch the Trump rally? It was amazing how the thunder rolled during his speech. Is that why he was so late? Was the timing critical for that thunder? There were massive crowds in Pennsylvania for that spectacle.

An important issue to note is the lack of participation and engagement in the American populace with respect to elections. It’s critical that the People innerstand the importance of a fair and honest election, and that right now in particular, the People need to step up and take part. ¡Ándale!

Juan O’Savin and General Flynn have stressed the need for Americans to take an interest and come to the aid of their country—or they won’t have one. The land of entitlement is slipping down the drain. Like in Sweden.


In Switzerland a new law would mean that people who heat their homes over 19C with gas during a shortage could face up to 3 years in jail.

Are you enjoying The Great Reset?

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) September 7, 2022

Scott Pressler is a very young man who did step up. You may have seen him at Trump rallies when interviewed by RSBN. Scott is saying: Link to Telegram.

I don’t think there’ll be a 🔴 wave — maybe a trickle.

Except AZ, FL, & NV, it isn’t looking good.

People tell me, “I would give up everything for this country.”

Those same people won’t knock on doors or become Election Day Workers.

Unless voters DO SOMETHING, I see no wave.

Too much fluoride in the water?

Congressman Matt Gaetz is unapologetic for his efforts to incentivize Americans to get up off the couch and get busy saving their country. Link to Telegram for short video.

Brian Cates followed up with these remarks.

“Wow Brian, I’m really offended that you’re saying more will be required from me to save my country than simply showing up to vote.

What do you have to say about that? How do you defend that comment!?”

He posted the video of Matt Gaetz above.

We’ll see what happens, but it could get a little ugly because Anderson Cooper’s brother hates patriots. He dresses up as a female celebrity and tells gullible people what to think… and what to do. This is what you can pull off when you fake your death and recreate yourself as someone else with the help of the fake media. Kathy Griffin fools some, but not all.

Twitter censored Kari Lake’s Tweet. What Kathy Griffin is doing may be traumatizing for some viewers.

The woman holding a bloody head of a U.S. President just threatened Civil War if you don’t vote for Democrats

Weird… just last week @JoeBiden told us MAGA Republicans are the violent ones.

— Kari Lake (@KariLake) September 7, 2022

Patriot Underground did a top drawer summary in 30 minutes that many will appreciate. He clarifies much of what we are seeing, the past, and paints the possibilities for the near future, which at this point is uncertain.

Patriot Underground Episode 247

There are things that we can’t explain, and this truly bizarre short video from Max Igan rounds up some odd ones he found recently. Wow. If you’re on Telegram, watch it here.  There may have been other people that we don’t know about who had a similar experience.

Max Igan about ‘strange things’ that happen to people since the introduction of the so-called “you know what”…

If you know where to access the original video Max did, please share the link in the comments so those not on Telegram can see this. It’s novel behaviour; almost like they can remotely control cars and planes, we understand the full transHuman agenda would enable them to control vaxxed people. Is this a test? Those who are unvaxxed, rejoice. You cannot be controlled this way.

This is weird, too. Could it be a hologram?

I’ve never seen clouds like this before.

— Sergeant News Network  (@Sgtnewsnetwork) September 7, 2022

One of our crew members left a most intriguing comment concerning the legal aspects of the fake vaccines and justice that I think you will all want to see. I am pasting the entire thing below as it is a little long for a comment, but well worth the read, with links you can follow.

We know it’s not really “gene therapy”. That’s their marketing term. They always have the terminology to put a positive spin on their activities so the gullible think they’re good. This ‘gene therapy’ is as therapeutic as chemo-therapy is for cancer patients; many of whom die. And now the fake Fauci is touting annual jabs for everyone? Not happening. We’re going to get these mass murderers and take them down.


All authorisations or licenses to distribute or sell something are a form of contract.

-Contract law applies


For a contract to be valid there can not be any form of Fraud.

And this is precisely what everyone overlooked, there is fraud in all of the covid 19 vaccine contracts;

First in the clinical trials, then in the emergency use authorization, then in the purchase agreement, and lastly in the written or verbal consent between the consumer and the medical practitioner.


The fraud is actually very simple;

It is not stated anywhere that these products known as Covid-19 vaccines or Boosters for covid-19 are in fact Gene Therapy products.

The correct labelling and term is Genetic Vaccines

These Genetic Vaccines are a Gene Therapy product known as Vector Therapy.

Both mRNA and AAV are Gene Therapy Vectors.


So to be very clear all contracts, authorizations and consent given for the product known as Covid-19 Vaccines is fraudulent, voided, broken and not worth a dam!

To be abundantly clear:















Documents In order of publication to state the timeline:

1988 – 42 U.S. Code § 300aa–22 – Standards of responsibility U.S. Code US Law LII Legal Information

Institute (vaccine-related injury or death for regular vaccines) (For regular vaccine manufacturer`s)

1989 first RNA Publication – Dr Malone – Cationic liposome-mediated RNA transfection PNAS

2003 -First mention of Gene vaccines – PubMed

2020 May – Operation Warp Speed – Wikipedia

2021 March – The PREP Act and COVID-19 Limiting Liability for Medical Countermeasures

(Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to limit legal liability for losses relating to the

administration of medical countermeasures such as diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines.)





Definition of a regular Vaccine:

a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.

Definition of a Genetic Vaccine;

A genetic vaccine (also gene-based vaccine) is a vaccine that contains nucleic acids such as DNA or RNA that lead to protein biosynthesis of antigens within a cell. Genetic vaccines thus include DNA vaccines, RNA vaccines and viral vector vaccines.



Gene vaccines are a new approach to immunization and immunotherapy in which, instead of a living or inactivated organism (or a subunit thereof), one or more genes encoding the pathogen’s proteins are delivered.

The goal of this approach is to generate immunity to diseases for which traditional vaccines and treatments

have not worked, to improve vaccines and to treat chronic diseases.

Gene vaccines use advances in immunology and molecular biology to more specifically tailor immune

responses (cellular or humoral, or both) to selected antigens. They are still under development in research and clinical studies.

42 U.S. Code § 262 – Regulation of Biological Products.. This states under (3)(b). “No person shall mislabel or misbrand

a package or container of a biological product or alter a label or marking on the package or container of the biological product so as to falsify the label or marking.

Combined with;

21 U.S. Code § 331 – Prohibited acts – The following acts and the causing thereof are prohibited:

(a)The introduction or delivery for introduction into interstate commerce of any food, drug, device, tobacco product, or cosmetic that is adulterated or misbranded.

My findings proove’s that they have broken this Statitute, to show criminal intent from the start.

Then it becomes; Wilfull misconduct & material breach of contract.

Stefan Olerich – Bayer President – Injecting Gene Therapy.mp4

Justice is not just coming… it’s here. Link to Telegram.

JUST IN: Las Vegas Metro Police confirm they are executing a search warrant at the home of Clark County Administrator Robert Telles in connection with the murder of Review-Journal reporter Jeff German, who had written several pieces on him, leading to a primary loss in June.

The warrant was served at a home near Charleston Boulevard and Hualapai Way and police are still on the scene.[p

German, 69, was found stabbed to death outside of his home on Saturday morning, Sept. 3. Metro police said he was killed on Friday morning. They have released video and images of the suspect and the suspect’s possible vehicle. The vehicle is described as being a 2007 – 2014 red or maroon GMC Yukon Denali with chrome handles, a sunroof, and a luggage rack.


We expect September to be a very interesting month on many fronts.

We have interesting comms… and I’m really glad Phoenix is not on this list. Link to Telegram. 

What do these cities have in common? They are probably cabal strongholds, and limited martial law may unfold here. That would be my guess. We have seen false flag events and/or evidence of corrupt law enforcement and city administration and/or assassination attempts in these places and election rigging may figure into it now as well. What do you recall that took place in these cities?

Evacuate From These Cities:

1) New York City
2) Los Angeles
3) Chicago
4) Philadelphia
5) Washington DC
6) Houston
7) Nashville
8) New Orleans
9) Charlotte
10) San Francisco
11) Detroit
12) Seattle
13) Atlanta
14) Las Vegas
15) Baltimore
16) Boston
17) Miami

17 Cities. 1 Event.

There is a fantastic write-up on another anti-parasitic, a dog dewormer is how it’s marketed, but it’s so much more. We find Fenbendazole kills cancer as well as killing parasites. How many times have we discussed the supposition that “Covid” or whatever it is that is going around making people sick, is actually a parasite? This stuff is OTC = you don’t need a prescription in most places. It’s difficult to get rid of parasites if you don’t know you have them. You have to treat the condition properly, but the deep state keeps telling us “it’s a virus”. I haven’t believed that for a long time. Everyone needs to know about this.

Fenbendazole report: The miracle medicine that changed our lives

For those who need it, America’s Frontline Doctors published a post-vaccine treatment protocol.

Some are worried about the UK’s new PM Liz Truss. She didn’t have to mention this. It seems a little contrived. I think we should wait before deciding she’s one of “them”.

Regardless of whatever else is going on in the world, remember this—and it’s not only in the UK and Oz. It’s everywhere. Canada is one of the worst.

Institutionalized Child Abuse Controls This Farm

— max igan (@maxigan) August 15, 2022

It’s mainstream news now. People need to pay attention.

They are after our kids, folks. And what happens when the kids are dumbed down, indoctrinated, traumatized and gender-altered to the point they can’t and don’t want to procreate? Contrary to popular belief at this time, men can’t have babies. Will it spell the end of Humanity?

Outlaw this barbarism and prosecute these monsters

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) September 7, 2022

There is good news today about the jab for juniors.

UK Bans COVID Vax for Kids – Investigation Finds Vaccine Affects Sexual Development in Little Boys (VIDEO)

What is necessary to go forward is for the media to be controlled—and we understand they are. Remember we posted this update a few weeks ago. Link to Telegram.

And nobody bats an eye…
This isn’t to be taken lightly.

This is FULL CONTROL over our media by the Military. I trust our Military! 💥

There are examples suggesting the White Hats control the media.

The Guardian is suggesting the recurrence of polio in New York is due to the polio vaxxine.

A mutated virus, anti-vaxxers and a vulnerable population: how polio returned to the US

HELL FREEZES OVER As CNN Forced To Report That Biden Just LIED To Americ… via @YouTube

— Alan Edwards (@AlanEdw72180861) September 7, 2022

I don’t get into the financial stuff very often but happened upon this anecdote and thought it interesting. Here’s what someone says they heard, for what it’s worth. We will consider it a rumour. Link to Telegram.

From one of my closest friend,

My friend was at Truist Bank and they said Quantum Gold back is in place.
She said, “It’s there at her bank already”. Banker said, “It’s already in place this is how they can track our accounts for fraudulent stuff.”

Eli and I made it to two dog parks and had a great weekend despite the high temps. I also found the neatest accessory that is solving the problem of toxic feet after walks and trips to the dog park when one is likely to step in something.

It’s called a MudBuster and it’s like a tall travel mug with a silicone insert covered with soft, flexible nubs. You put water in the cup and insert one paw at a time and twist it back and forth and/or up and down and it washes any mud or grass or other undesirable material off the paws.

I added a tiny bit of dog shampoo to the water because my ultimate goal is to remove any herbicides, pesticides, oil, fuel, coolant, brake dust, pollen—anything I wouldn’t want Eli ingesting if he licked his paws. Any way I can reduce his toxic load is open for consideration. Toxins also won’t get deposited on our floors so it’s a cleaner environment for him to have his lips and nose on. Our holistic doctor told us we should wash feet every night but I do it in the morning after our long walk.

This has been a really long post as I had so much saved up over three days so hope you enjoy.  ~ BP

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