Really Idiosyncratic… – Sept. 3, 2022

Pretend moon launch canceled. Again.


9/3/22 news story; “BREAKING: A pilot flying a small plane over Tupelo, MS threatened to intentionally crash into a local Walmart on Saturday. In a Facebook post, the Tupelo Police Department said it was in direct contact with the pilot. This is a developing story.”

Full name: Samuel Moore Walton

93 / Reverse Reduction

222 / English ordinal

Samuel Walton death: April 5 1992

News story: 9/3/2022

11109 day span from death to news story






They’re bringing out a vaccine to counter act the harm from the previous vaccine…

…what could possibly go wrong? 🤡


Like I tell everyone – my listeners are the smartest – 🧠🧠🧠


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