What’s This? – September 1. 2022

⚡️LA County Rolls Out Universal Basic Income Experiment

A pilot scheme guaranteeing $1,000 a month until 2025 has been rolled by LA County to 1,000 residents, who were chosen randomly from over 180,000 applicants.

To qualify for the test program, applicants had to show they earned either under $56k/year as individuals, or under $96k/year as a family of four.

The County Board of Supervisors chief Holly Mitchell claimed “it’s time that we trust that our residents know how best to meet their needs when given the resources to do so”, but a taxpayers’ rights nonprofit slammed the move as “pure politics” that could degrade society’s work ethic.





⚡️US Begged UK To Cover Up Snowden Bombshell Revelations

A new book to be published Thursday reveals how the US National Security Agency begged its British counterpart to block the Guardian from publishing his 2013 bombshell revelations, but were rebuffed.

Government Communications Headquarters rejected the request because they refused to act as the US agency’s censor, leading to a breakdown in the “special relationship” between the transatlantic allies.

The Secret History of Five Eyes (FVEY) goes on to reveal how the other members of the intelligence alliance – Canada, Australia and New Zealand – were outraged at discovering US outsourcing gave top-level clearance to 1.5 million Americans.




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