Huge Sunspot Pointed Straight at Earth Has Developed a Delta Magnetic Field – September 1, 2022 from this weekend FWC issue on line now. Inside chatter from Earth alliance members from around the world today indicates a high probability of a major solar event occurring in the coming Earth days!

The massive and highly active sunspot AR2936, which has increased in size, is turning towards earth as we speak and in a few days, planet earth will be directly exposed to the potential of this huge unstable solar region!

This monstrous sunspot is the one that toasted 40 Star link satellites and caused them to fall back to earth a fortnight ago!

And, AR2936 is also the sunspot that erupted on the back side of the sun on 15 February, sending an incredible galaxy-sized shockwave across the solar system!

The solar explosion on 15 February was not only the largest X-ray burst measured in this solar cycle, it was the largest solar flare ever recorded, full stop!

AR2936 fired an M-5 class darkened warning shot this morning at about 10:34 UTC and all eyes from heaven to earth are on this monstrous solar region!

A data stream from the Direct Light Forces this morning reports that Delta Forces in Earth’s solar system are closely monitoring this solar region and, for once, all terrestrial solar observatories and other groups are also watching, and have switched to an enhanced mode of operation!

The Earth Alliance has issued a critical space weather and solar event alert for the next 14 Earth days, when this huge sunspot will align with Earth!

The main questions presented to the light leaders today about this situation are as follows:

Q: what are the implications for earth and humanity if a dangerous super flare hits the planet?

A: The correct answer is: it won’t and it can’t!

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SPACE experts have warned that a major, potentially disruptive sunspot is facing the Earth today, which could result in the release of a powerful solar flare.

Experts have warned that a massive solar spot on the far side of the Sun is facing us this weekend, which could result in a potential geomagnetic storm that disrupts satellites, and even causes chaos in airline navigation systems. These sunspots as they are known, appear darker than their surrounding on the surface of the Sun, and can stretch for hundreds of millions of miles.


Watch Dead Sunspot Send Huge Solar Flare Hurtling Towards Earth


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