Wow…Just Wow! – August 29, 2022

Over 20 million households risk losing utilities.

The perfect excuse for a blackout.



UPDATE: Unconfirmed reports that several tribal armed groups have joined different militias in the clashes taking place Baghdad, Iraq.

This is heading towards a civil war. (In Iraq)



JUST NOW: Baghdad, Iraq is on fire. This is the result of a war based on lies by the United States/Israeli governments.

Iraq will never be stable again.



BREAKING: 20 killed, 200+ injured in the ongoing Baghdad clashes.



Hot August

Deep September 👀

Red October

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Candace Owens Lays Out The Truth About the Democrats

Every White Person On The Planet Needs To Hear This, Candice Owens Gives It To All You White People.

Sad Thing Is, You Can’t Argue With The Truth. It’s The Truth!!!


Faith is the light that guides you through the darkness. We are entering a tunnel together, and we will come out together. Trust the plan. Enjoy your beautiful freedom. President Trump! “Q”


Night and Day We Pray


Remember That…

God is in Control.



So if Ashley Biden’s diary is true, and so is hunter biden’s laptop, does this mean a pedophile is president?!?! 😳

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