Steve Beckow: Sorting out Climate Change ~ August 29, 2022


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

August 29, 2022

Sorting Out Climate Change

Yes, climate change is happening….

Just a note on climate change and what our leadership asks of us.

It isn’t that humanity has not had a baneful effect on the environment. We have and we have to stop and clean up our mess.

But, at the same time, the New World Order/World Economic Forum are spinning that situation so as to present it as a crisis, which they then offer themselves as the solution to, and we lose more of our civil rights.

Moreover, they move from one issue to another – viruses, vaccines, China, Russia, Ukraine, climate change – keeping us off guard and divided against one another. No one points at the power behind the screen manipulating us.

Because the cabal knows this is the end game, they seem to be throwing everything they have behind their drive for world power. That includes weather manipulation, economic depression, and planned starvation.

We watch them closing down farms, burning down food production plants, “regulating” the use of fertilizers, introducing new forms of food like crickets – all in aid of controlling food production as one more means of controlling us.

One of the problems we’re encountering is what all peace-loving people seem to encounter at the outset of a war – and this in my view is a war, if a hidden one: The peace-loving folks are not organized. They can’t believe that their own governments would desire their destruction (see the late Georgia Guidestones). They’re so slow to move that many people are lost (to vaccines, for example) before the dictators are stopped.

In our case perhaps hundreds of thousands of children have been lost to the human trafficking/pedophile/adrenochrome circuit. Many more could be lost before we rouse ourselves and finally put a stop to it.

So here we are again – more than 75 years after Hitler, against another dictatorial adversary committed to world control and having a well-planned agenda and logistics.

However, as the beaching of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal demonstrates, those who are with us are stronger than those who oppose us.

On every front the cabal seems to be losing ground. In my opinion, the Reval – and the transition to the Quantum Financial System, combined with Executive Order 13818 sequestering the wealth of human-rights abusers – will effectively kill it. Worldwide. (1)

But back to the climate.  Yes, the climate is changing worldwide.  Yes, some species will be affected. Let me cite other articles addressing these subjects at length, in the footnotes. (2) For now, let me cite one passage from Matthew Ward, which covers much of the territory, injecting a note of balance and truth into the discussion:

“Individuals who contend that the climate is changing naturally, that humankind has nothing to do with it, need to stop denying facts: Toxic pollutants in your skies, waters and soil; deep mining; drilling for oil; fracking for natural gas; scarification of forested lands; and technological weather manipulation are not Mother Nature’s doing.

“Those activities, which have been woefully destructive to Gaia’s planetary body, are impeding her return to the health and balance that are essential for all of her residents to survive and thrive.

“Relative to this, let us mention some ‘predictions’ devised by the dark ones and passed on by persons who believe the issues are of grave concern, such as Earth is moving toward another ice age. No, she is not—she is moving toward the moderate climate that prevailed when the planet in its entirety was the garden of Eden. …

[Other dire predictions deleted.]

“The only purpose of any dire-sounding situation is to create fear. It is for the same purpose that Covid case numbers are relentlessly reported and ‘experts’ say that even after everyone is vaccinated, the virus will continue wending its way around the globe, so wearing masks and social distancing will be the way of life. It is fear’s low vibrations that let the dark ones become powerful in your world.” (3)

We tend not to think on a large scale usually. Our attention is usually focused on our day-to-day affairs.

But, here, we have to think on a very large scale to accept that an adversary – call it the Illuminati, New World Order, deep state, cabal, whatever you like – has arisen over centuries, of tremendous sophistication and power, which is bent on world domination and the elimination of all but 500 million of us. They have captured the allegiance of world leaders and celebrities. This is a clear and present danger and calls for all of us to wake up to the peril we face.

We didn’t believe that Hitler meant world domination. But he did. And our unwillingness to face the truth cost millions of lives.

This is exactly the same situation. We face an adversary more … gosh, I hate to use the word … evil than our worst nightmares. Torturing babies for an “age-enhancing” drug called adrenochrome is evil. Sacrificing humans and eating them is evil. (4) I can’t even bring myself to describe some of their other practices.

We need to face up to the fact that this is what our adversary does and has in store for us.

The world will not die in some climatic catastrophe.  Aside from the catastrophes that HAARP (5) and other weather-manipulation devices cause, two things can be said: (A) We’re headed for a very agreeable climate worldwide and (B) there has been damage caused to Gaia which, with galactic help, we’ll need to address later.


(1)  Money laundering will no longer be possible.  Executive Order 13818 of December 20, 2017 Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption and the United States will give the U.S. the crime fighting tools that will, I think, end the reign of power of the cabal, criminal mafias, and cartels.

(2) See “How Many Dots Make a Picture?” July 27, 2022, at

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(3) Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, Nov. 2, 2020, at

(4) it isn’t lost n me that we kill animals and eat them.

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