Friday August 26, 2022 Telegram

Editor’s Note: Ok…I get it! The failure of the COVID vaccine is going to be the nexus for Trump arrest? Can’t use anything from Mara Lago, cause that damning info can be brought out during “discovery”.

Even though Trump pushed vaccines, perhaps these these were those designed to be delivered by the military (Ivermectin anyone?)

Umm…”who” is behind the House report? Just sayin…




Here’s the Trump affidavit.

Heavily redacted.


————————- —————————————

LOL, this is not a meme. This a real screenshot I just took from a few of the pages from the “unsealed” affidavit 😂


🕋 fault.




BREAKING: New video of man yelling at Biden “You stole the election! You stole the election!” today in Maryland


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