August 26, 2022: Of Course We’re Winning! [videos]


It’s Fridaaay…

And what is everyone talking about? The “student loan” forgiveness Biden announced over which so many had their knickers in a knot blossomed into revelations about a number of politicians who had thousands in PPP [Paycheck Protection Program] loans forgiven. Link to Telegram. Is it true? What gives?

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene had $183,504 in PPP loans forgiven.

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) August 25, 2022

What else are we sharing about?

Here we go peeps

— Mr T (@MisterChipT) August 25, 2022

And that affadavit regarding the illegal raid on Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago… If you don’t have time to read it, Tom Fitton weighs in:

I reviewed the Trump raid affidavit obtained by @JudicialWatch. It is all a scam.

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) August 26, 2022

In the Great White Gulag, Trudeau and his cabinet are under intense scrutiny by the People. You don’t think those documents are just now appearing by chance, do you? I believe they were available all along and were released according to The Plan. The Canucks had to go through the BS to wake them up, and it seems they need a lot more to get to the point they can’t go back to sleep. I can say that, because I’m Canadian and I only know ONE member of my family/friends who is awake. One.

A year after his classic fuhrer-style rant, newly-unsealed court documents reveal that Justin Trudeau’s government had no scientific basis for a ban on domestic travel by unvaccinated Canadians.
🔗Full report (

Something that is verifiable are the rumours about the nefarious activities of FEMA—another questionable government agency. [Federal Emergency Management Agency]. Over the years we have heard many tales about this group and what they might have in store should a serious event occur. Do you know what FEMA area applies to your residence?

During and after events like Hurricane Sandy we learned from boots on the ground that FEMA wasn’t up to the level of performance taxpayers would expect. There were accounts stating that the victims, who were congregated in the streets because they had been ordered from their condemned, flooded homes, were the ones providing hot coffee to FEMA reps so disaster relief may have been the surface purpose of the agency but wasn’t the focus.

We also heard that after the worst was over, a tent full of brand new generators was discovered which could have prevented a lot of misery for cold, wet people with no power to cook or heat water. It doesn’t sound like FEMA is serious about providing assistance at all. The lower levels know nothing and do nothing, and the upper echelon does… what?

FEMA Deployed Employees Not Qualified For Disaster Work, Government Accounting Office Says

We shan’t forget the investigations by former Gov. Jesse Ventura televised in his “Conspiracy Theory” show, and the fields of disposable coffins stacked high and waiting for… what? Hardly a “theory”, is it?

Are we ready to hear about the shadow side of FEMA? You can learn more at Real Raw News via the link below at the drop-down menu where Chapter One is ready. I’ve included their introduction. I, for one, am certainly intrigued to learn more about it. The more we learn, the less we can consider any disaster “natural”, what with the weather manipulation/weather wars, etc.

The FEMA Mandate

Thank you in advance for reading. The dropdown menu lists published chapters of a book I am working on called The FEMA Mandate. For decades, most Americans have been kept in the dark on what exactly what one of America’s most well-funded federal agency actually does to justify its existence. What you read might surprise you. The contents include ten years of research, and thousands of hours of painstaking writing and editing, and the book isn’t even finished yet. Rather than wait (who knows how long) till I finish and offer it in print, I decided to periodically release chapter by chapter in hopes of reaching people who might have an interest in this nefarious branch of the government. We the people are led to believe that FEMA exists to aid us in times of natural disaster. I believe the scope of my work prove that disaster relief is, at best, a tertiary function of FEMA.

Each successive FEMA director has been more morally bereft than his predecessor. Criminal activities within the agency became normal. Crimes against the American people are committed almost daily. Yet no one, not even the most conservative of media, reports on it. That’s about to change.

Lin Wood expressed his belief about how to proceed in light of the election rigging in a couple of posts, one of which is below. I don’t think Lin knows about FEMA; or else he knows that the White Hats are in control of FEMA now. Perhaps they are. We believe the Military is reluctant to overtly take action in this regard but hopefully we will soon be at the point when the majority see it as the only option and cry out for it. Link to Telegram.

Another option would be to have U.S. Military and FEMA perform legitimate audits of the lawful ballots cast in each state.

Trump won by a landslide. The result is certain.

However we get there, we need to start working on getting there. In my opinion, efforts to correct the problem in the future are futile unless and until we correct the problem of November 3, 2020.

The country and its citizens are spiraling downward, lost in the confusion and misinformation or disinformation.

We The People spoke with clarity on November 3. The enemy cheated. We need to lift the veil of the fraud and count the legal ballots cast on Election Day.

Perhaps a way to start is state-by-state demanding a legitimate audit of lawful ballots cast on Election Day. After all we are a country of United States. Each state has a voice. So each community in each state has a voice.

Collectively, the voices of our communities and our states represent the voice of We The People.

We have the right to bypass the federal system which we created and fix this community by community, state by state.

We The People control the federal government. It does not control us.

Within the law and with the help of God, We The People can take our country back.

I am still dealing with the closing of my mother’s estate and we’re nearly there but I have some things to attend to so I am going to leave off with the latest interview with David Wilcock and Mike Adams, who is usually very negative, but David has a positive update. The last time we saw David on video it didn’t look like him. Use discernment, as always. The military seems bent on scaring the crap out of the masses so I take their extreme information with a few grains of salt. I believe the military & Light Beings saved Humanity, along with their merry band of Q Intelligence. They tell us WE did it. We ALL did it together. 33 min.

Mike Adams post on Telegram

New controversial interview: David Wilcock talks about exotic materials, alien tech and the defeat of the anti-human globalists

– David is more optimistic than I about the “white hats” winning and exposing the corrupt cabal
– In this interview, we discuss exotic materials, space travel, wormholes and more
– Wilcock has a new documentary on Brighteon, just released, called “Spaceship”
– Wilcock believes that GOD WINS in the end (and soon), and humanity will again be free

Agree or disagree, Wilcock invites us all to THINK BIG and ask BIG questions about the nature of reality! Enjoy!

MJ Truth also had a remark about the current trajectory: Link to Telegram. That link will take you to a long list of positive developments you can see for yourself are definitely in our favour.

Two of the most effective weapons in psychological warfare are discouragement and demoralization. If they can discourage and demoralize you, you will likely stop fighting. That is why we want to encourage you twice a week that we are WINNING on many fronts!

Oh—the smile. This makes me smile. Check out that cloud. Or is it?

Rainbow colored scarf cloud over Haikou city in China

— Sunlit Rain (@Earthlings10m) August 26, 2022

There you have it—another Friday under our belt and the weekend lies before us. Have a great one and I’ll be back later on.  ~ BP

One thought on “August 26, 2022: Of Course We’re Winning! [videos]

  1. I’ve been done with Wilcock since 2019, when he FUCKED UP, again, with his predictions involving Epstein when he was arrested. TOTAL OPPOSITE. He kept saying such and such presidents would be the disclosure presidents….FAILED there, too. And I feel there was a REASON he is not on Ancient Aliens anymore, they threw hm out, not wanting to be associated with that incompetent pipsqueak. And his, along with that other overrated prat, Corey Goode (who has a REAL superiority complex, I might add), having a hard on for the prime directive, also tells me he is BS.

    And I heard even the new wife left him.

    I’m DONE with him.


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