X22 Report Ep. 2855a & b – A Clean House Is Very Important, Carpet Bombs Then MOAB ~ August 21, 2022


Ep. 2855a – IRS Was Shutdown By The Courts When Trying To Collect Alternative Currency Data (20 min)

The economy is breaking down under the Biden administration, companies are now talking about hiring freezes and layoffs. People can now see the difference between each state. The IRS was shutdown when trying to go after alternative currency


Ep. 2855b – A Clean House Is Very Important, Carpet Bombs Then MOAB (52 min)

The patriots are now building the case of election fraud, each day the carpet bombs are being dropped and the irrefutable evidence is being made public. Trump is building the offensive and at the same time he is allowing the [DS] players to destroy themselves.

Trump is the bait and he is drawing them in and trapping them in their own agenda. Soon the MOAB is going to drop and the [DS] will react to this, trap set. Warmed and prepped

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