More Info For You! – August 21, 2022

Since the CDC/UN owns patent for aerosolizing vaccines, no needles necessary…. This is proof that the purpose of “vaccination” and forced “vaccination” is not worldwide vaccination. They can easily accomplish that through aerosolized vaccines.

Once again, @ToreSays told us this long ago!


It is essential to take a deeper look at your physical body-vessel. Get to know your body & see what great miracles it can perform. Begin to Love your body like never before & give it the nurturing it needs to be optimal during this Great Ascension time. Your LightBody holds the essence of your multidimensional identity, which is accessible through your desire to unite with the greater identity you sense.

Your LightBody will be able to juggle realities through the shifting of your conscious intent from one view to another, like turning a TV channel. At this stage of your evolution, the physical body slows down in aging & will soon start to reverse this process. Sickness & illness will cease in higher vibrations & the physical body will no longer die as cells are regenerated 1000x faster than they did at the 3D vibration. You are changing into an entirely new you that never existed physically before.

Dormant superhuman abilities will show themselves now as you vibrate faster & faster. To achieve this higher level of functionality, the body must be transformed from a carbon base body to a crystalline body which operates on Light Current flowing through the body. This transformation happens as the atomic particles in your cells spin faster & faster due to the raising of internal frequency.

The incoming High-Vibrational Light is greatly speeding up this internal body transformation & you can speed it up even more. Use all Ascension tools & methods including meditation, art, being in nature, ingesting only Divine energy foods, listening to high frequency music. All ancient & advanced beings used crystal technology to complete their Ascension journey.

Crystals are the most powerful & advanced Ascension tools for raising cellular vibration & the body’s auric field to channel & balance these powerful incoming higher energies. This amazing energetic time is the best time to just let go & start Rising in LOVE! Wisdom says, slow down & just stop for a while. You cannot achieve Peace until you just stop & breathe for a moment! Stop worrying, stressing, complaining & fussing. Stop doing so much & simply start being.

Peace, Blessings, Love & Light 🙏🏽💜


a deeper look at your physical body-vessel

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