FIFTY8 / Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age – August 15, 2022

Editor’s Note: Truly, these are the moments to find “the stillness within”. Your ability to find this sweet spot of internal balance brings the ability to weather the storm in your personal life. And then Find yourself BEing in…

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It is time to bring clarity to this world.

Have you ever heard about this transition into a “New Age” or the Kali Yuga’s? If not then I will give you a brief description from all the knowledge I’ve received about this transition.

We are all experiencing a great adjustment at the close of this last Cosmic Cycle. In this cycle we are now in is the transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age.

An adjustment must respond to the Law of Harmony in all but if the resistance to this Law has built up such a mass of inharmony (evil/voices/thoughts) that the spiritual force of that cycle is not sufficient to redeem it, then the adjustment must come as a physical downfall of the stored up inharmony.

This is a period of great testing; a period when every heart who has realized the reality of the spiritual world and its forces must be securely grounded in the philosophy and stand firmly and unshakably for his or her beliefs, even thought to do so involves ridicule, persecution and mental suffering.

In short, everything in the Earth’s atmosphere and aura is intensified, both the good and the evil. These conditions are known as the Great Woe’s. The first Woe was World War I.

The eclipse of the Moon on July 14th, 1916, marked the close of a secret major cycle of long duration, and from an occult standpoint was one of the most important for many centuries; for it marked an absolute change from one era to another.

That eclipse marked an entire climatic, mental, psychic and spiritual change for the Earth and its inhabitants. For the reign of intellect over the world, as used by so-called “big business” selfishly to control the supply of the necessities of God’s children, is about to be eclipsed. 

This present Aquarian Age is said to be ruled by Uranus, since Uranus is a Ruler of Rulers, it will rule largely through its influence on Jupiter, giving to the influence of that planet greater power and potency, just as the powers of Saturn were made more potent during the past Piscean Age. 

It is the influx of these new currents of lifeforce and finer substances which is eliminating the accumulated exhaust from the mind and aura and body of humanity like a purging draught, that it may be cleansed and ready to enter into the New Era and correlate with the new forces now being poured out upon mankind and the planet. 

Naturally the more sensitive persons who have some diseased or even weak spot in their bodies, or who have something in their minds and auras which requires elimination, find this period of purgation a trying and confusing time.

In these days of confusion, when the last of the old cycle is overlapping the new—the period of disorder after a disease has run its course – the new cells can be built in and perfect health restored.

The great end which these changes in conditions and affairs are striving to bring about is one of purification and balance and a harmonizing with the higher spiritual note that has been sounded in the cosmic scale.

Man himself has continually to renew and purify the life stream in his body if he would retain his health.

The first woe – WWI was a physical war, with physical weapons. The second woe – WWII was a mental war, of thoughts and beliefs. The third woe – NOW is an astral war with thoughts and psychic forces for weapons. The conflict now raging being but a pouring out of the evil and a gathering together of the forces of Good for the final battle on the higher planes.

This battle has already begun.  This is the time of adjustment.

We must all come be ready to battle with sword in hand, and the weapons are thoughts of Love and Purity in such positive spiritual force that it will surround and transmute the impure forces like white warrior cells in the blood meeting an invasion of disease and germs in the body.

Remember by any negative thought you open a door in your aura of protection through which disease can enter. Lay down all thoughts of hatred and revenge or be overcome by the hosts of evil thought forms in your aura. Learn more in my Philosophy of War films below.

Your hearts must respond, not the warlike lower mind.

To truly change the world is to listen to the silence of your heart and not the voices of the mind.

Billy Rood / Creator of FIFTY8

8 thoughts on “FIFTY8 / Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age – August 15, 2022

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  2. All the “New Age” stuff is related to the [Cabal’s] United Nations, Rose. Please do not include any of it with your other content. It’s deceptive / antiChrist content for readers. Do your own research before posting content and then distributing that content to others. Your own site will be at risk for being taken down due to false/deceptive content. So, be careful and again, do your own research before posting anything.




    1. Thanks Sally…I post everything for readers to “know what’s out there”. It seems to me that the “Global Reset” pushed by the dark is certainly different from the “Global Currency Reset/RV” which is being advanced by those of the light, including those who feel Trump is connected to the Divine. Please view my postings in a New Light! Much Love…🌹


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