Wise Words From Afar – August 11, 2022

Archangel Michael: Send Your Love Excerpt:

“Again, this week we must focus on peace on earth as those who seek war are beating their war drums again. As you may know this is a repeat of World War 2 where the same parties owned and funded both sides of the war.
They simply are trying to declare war against you, the People, and this is where you must stop them.”

“We see a turning point is coming, a point in which there will no longer be doubt and the front legs and the back legs will begin to walk together in unison. The dark ones’ full hand will be revealed, including the aces they have held up their sleeves and in doing this the entire world will become aware, wise to the trickery they have been subjected to.
It will be a tense moment for all as the entirety of what you call life will stand in the balance.
It will be a moment where you all will be forced to choose for good or for evil.

This moment is coming.
I beg you to prepare for it.”

Saul: Time and Our Moment of Awakening Excerpt:

“There is much going on in the spiritual realms as humanity moves ever closer to its collective awakening. So, do not be alarmed by the chaos and confusion that is being reported by your media, because all is moving forward most splendidly in preparation for your grand and illustrious awakening. It truly is extremely close!”

“You Are in the process of awakening Now! And that process is very close to its most magnificent completion. Trust M/F/G, Love, Source, and allow yourselves to access your deep inner knowing that all is divinely taken care of and that there will be NO disappointments, because the Divine Will is that you enjoy infinite and eternal joy. The Divine Will is the only true will, and it is always achieved . . . now.”

The 9D Arcturian Council: The Lions Gate Portal of August 2022 Excerpt:

“We are very eager to see what you all do with the Lions Gate (Start 8/8/2022) energies that are already upon you. We want you to know that these energies are doubly powerful because of the energies of transformation that are also upon you throughout the month of August. You are becoming creator beings as you transform into your Source Energy Selves while in physical bodies. This will increase your powers of manifestation greatly, and the energies of the Lions Gate are also there to increase your powers of manifestation and creation. Therefore, now is the time to be focused on what it is you want for yourselves, for your loved ones, and for all of humankind. It is a time to have faith in yourselves and to trust in your ability to be

living in that reality that you have seen in your mind’s eye but have yet to experience.
Now is a good time to welcome these energies in by sitting, opening up, and receiving them consciously.”

The Telosians: The New Earth Excerpt”:
“The New Earth is the total transformation of the human being. The New Earth is the transformation of the thoughts, actions, and heart of each human being and this in connection with the energetic and spiritual evolution of the planet Earth on which you live.

You are currently in a whirlwind of transformations of all kinds and, of course, this saddens you, tires you, sometimes puts you in states of depression because you know that something is changing but you do not know what exactly and what it is. will involve in the future of the life of the human being and the Earth.

You currently know that great purifications of the Earth are taking place on its soil: numerous fires, numerous floods almost everywhere on the soil of the Earth.

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