Current State of RV/GCR – August 11, 2022

the R/V, there will over 30 days to exchange, not the 10 days of what is a rumor.

-) No “structured Payouts” over 20 to 100 years, Jared stated that was “Made Up” by somebody”.

-) Some things that come-out on the R/V, just crazy.

-) More people have been taken-out or disappeared that is giving out fake information on the R/V.

-) Only way people will know the R/V, is when ligament vendors “Stop Selling” that currency, like an example the Dinar.

-) Over 70% of the people now in America are living from paycheck to paycheck.
-) Anybody that is doing illegal activity with currency, other people’s currency, and create a club to say they can get a higher rate, will be arrested when they exchange.
-) Only a few people know what is really going on with the R/V.

2 thoughts on “Current State of RV/GCR – August 11, 2022

  1. Such horseshit tired of liars. 😡😡. Especially buzz kill assholes. St Germaine’s trust was written up along time ago. Then these assholes get ahold of it and fuckin change things!! Just like the bankers.


  2. I did read 30 days, then I got 40, which is not a number we’re used to for “financial” things but…I think the idea is, all is ok, we have time. Breathe. ❤️


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