GESARA is Coming ~ August 6, 2022


Submitted on August 6, 2022

Fiat Money as a weapon in WW3.

We are now witnessing the decline of the Fiat Dollar and Euro.

If you realize that these currencies have no value, you can use them to bring down the Cabal money system.

China is the manufacturing industry of the World, and owns an incredible amount of Dollars, to take away the money monopoly of the US they will dump their stock that has no economic value anymore anyway.

The result is that the US will be in monetary isolation if the Dollar is not going to be revalued with a gold hedge.

The Euro is a Fiat Cabal currency controlled by the Deep State bankers.

How the west has shot itself in the foot with the sanctions against Russia by the exclusion of the SWIFT payment system, this has triggered the QFS, which will no longer allow SWIFT transfers if the switch is made.

The Dollar can no longer be used to buy commodities due to the fact that there is no counter value to the worthless Dollar.

The result is an inflation of over 10%, the population is a victim of the unlimited printing of money that the FED and ECB have done in the past.

The QFS does not allow any new Dollar and Euro coming from the FED and/or ECB, therefore we see the frantic attempt by the Cabal governments to expropriate the population, in the Great Reset manner of the WEF sect led by Nazi Schwab.

So we are at a tipping point, to rebalance the world on a money level.

Now we have always been told that it must be done safely for the world’s population, which in my experience means that the established Cabal power of governments must be removed.

Q post of done in 30 days, of this the end date may be September 10, 2022, then it would be quite possible that from August 11, 2022 we will see the start.

Everyone then thinks it will be a military action, but more likely it will be the QFS activation that takes out the SWIFT for good, possibly combined with arrests in the background.

If you know that such an operation is in the planning then you also take inventory of where the Cabal members are 24/7 to eliminate them.

Putin had demanded that all KM members should be executed on penalties of nuclear confrontation.

Remember that peace was never agreed upon from WW2, but an armistice was established, this was violated by the Cabal West by supplying the Nazis in [redacted] with weapons.

Putin then told himself to take the liberty of protecting Russia from aggressors, and enacted a law allowing intervention outside Russia’s state borders.

Saudi Arabia is now an ally of Russia, and will no longer sell Oil for worthless Dollars, but only in gold backed currencies.

There are two major fronts at play now, Western Nazis running the bio-weapons labs, which the US is terrorizing the world with to implement Agenda 2030. 

Hence Kim Jong-un has offered 100,000 troops to Putin to help the rotting out of the [redacted] Nazis, with 100,000 volunteers.

China’s action is to purge Taiwan of [redacted] paid for by the US and the CIA.

With what violence this is going to happen is impossible to predict, if it becomes a nuclear conflict it will cause a chain reaction which nobody wants.

Since I do not believe in coincidences, we can assume that this is a carefully planned script that is now being played out.

The conflicts are being whipped up to the point that the MSM has to report it, the denouement then happens quickly, so that nothing will remain of their story, when all the facts are made known by the EBS.

Before any deals can be made for the funds first the RV revaluation of Currency will have to take place.

Then when the coast is clear we can only expect an info to be able to make an appointment.

If the rumor is true, there will be a Med Bed at the relief center, which will be used in case of urgency for the health of the Humanists.

One of my Team Members (Liesbeth) is in desperate need of treatment, she has broken her back in 3 places and has Cancer.

I don’t want to lose another person like it happened to Steve Weber, he too was not able to make the transition here on earth.

I would like Jared Rand to do something to give Liesbeth the chance to complete the task she has been very dedicated to for years.

All info about Swissindo- Indonesia and the 12 portals, the creation of GESARA by JFK and Soekarno I have from Liesbeth, who has not played an immodest role in the mutual communication between Indonesia and the Philippines, China.

Should redemption agreements be made, please remember Liesbeth and their hair first a treatment to survive.

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