I’m OK, You’re OK ~ August 5, 2022


Submitted on August 5, 2022

Simon & Charlie 5th August 2022 Update Current News

My objection to Cliff High was dismissing Med Beds based on his ignorance of how they work (electric shock).

My objection to Zublic was his use of the All Seeing Eye (I tried to warn him), but he called it the Eye of Providence (Masonic double speak).

Masonic double speak: the OK hand sign = 666 (One man’s God is another man’s Devil).

My objection to Parkes is he created his own private spy network / activists (Connecting Continuous) who censor what they don’t like.

My objection to Ward is his fake reports of new King of England, Declaration of Interdependence, German Fire Fight, etc

I’m grateful to Kerry Cassidy for showing me the Rabbit Hole, but her partner Bill Ryan kicked me off of Project Avalon for suggesting his viewers scream bloody murder over the Deep Horizon oil spill. Go figure!

I’ve listened / listen to all of them but don’t accept everything, all liars tell the truth some of the time, and most don’t know when they are laying.

“We have been deceived, we are deceived; we are deceiving each other.” – Thinker2 (Stop That!)

When you have been lied to for your entire lifetime, it’s hard to know what is true and what is false.

Peace, love, and blessings,


One thought on “I’m OK, You’re OK ~ August 5, 2022

  1. Cobra said that med beds will only come out after the event, for if happened now, the darkies could detect them being used, and using their own dark tech, kill whomever is inside the med bed/pod.


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