~The Conscious Tribe ~ August 2, 2022


Purifying energies
Purifying energies

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes! LOVE where you are in the moment of NOW (No Other Way)! When you are triggered, just “let go” of the pain/anger for it is NOW Who You Are. Rest/Love/ Allow…and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


E N E R G Y U P D A T E ~Purifying energies pouring in the last 24-48 hours, straight down via the Crown Chakra. It’s bringing up aspects of the pain body. It’s akin to the feeling of being tossed around in a powerful river, lungs bursting, struggling to work out which way is up, and where the light and air is. Symptoms are extensive, including nausea, fatigue, head fuzziness/pressure/ spaciness/ dizziness, anxiety, hip/ lower back pain, nervous system dis-regulation, stomach upsets and sugar/ carbs/ substances cravings. This spaciness is due to the fact that right now, you are on this earth, but also feeling the outer cosmos. There is a VERY strong pushing feeling of needing to to go somewhere else or being shown other places, without knowing where that place is.

All areas of your life are being turned 360 degrees so you can get a really, really good look at them from multiple angles. It’s hard to discern what is bringing the joy or lack of right now – things might feel a bit out of focus or in the grey area. No need to make any fast decisions, take your time. Big questions permeate the mind, like ‘what do I want in my life’, ‘am I on the right path’, ‘what do I need to change to be more happy’, ‘should I stay or go’, ‘where are my soul family’, ‘where is my home’, etc.Every time these questions arise, the focus swings back to self and the now. It’s a somewhat harrowing yet honest reflection – as we can only control ourselves, and our own choices in this present moment. Everything else is merely an illusion, including the future or notion of control. You may be left feeling rather discombobulated, discontent and disillusioned… But don’t worry, nothing is going wrong! It’s all part of the 2022 Lions Gate portal. Energies peak on 8/8 but will continue for a period after that.


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