Ally Raye ~ August 2, 2022


Higher Self
Higher Self

Some have asked, “Is something wrong with me? I feel nothing. I feel no joy, no hope, no anything. It’s like everything feels meaningless. And, honestly, I don’t feel love or anything at all for anything at all right now.”

To these precious hearts, I say:

This is merely an indication of where you are in your soul’s experience. What is occurring is much like what we hear about happening in space to “stars.” On this beautiful brave journey, we are propelled inward through our HEART. We pass through various frequencies and states of awareness. We find ourselves in what feels like a vast void. And, in fact, it IS. We arrive to a state of “no thing”- of “nothingness.”

There is “no thing” and “no one.” In this state, each ebbs and flows, with their own soul’s experience. Some explore this state for “long periods” dancing and twirling with a variety of feelings and emotions and revelations. And some arrive there in revelation and experience a deep “peace” with it. There is no “right or wrong” as each soul knows its purpose in this “state.”

Although it so much more profound then I can even write here, there is such beautiful unspeakable truth found in the experience…

When you have found yourself feeling this nothingness, this “no love at all,” you will certainly soon find yourself in a sudden and beautiful explosion into the LOVE YOU TRULY ARE. …

Wait for it…. simply wait for it…

one breath at a time…

There is no need to fear.

You are a galaxy of stars.

You are Divine.

You are being born anew.


All is truly well in all of eternity!


Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨

God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨

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