LUGHNASASH & IMBOLC ARRIVES with the Peacock – True NORTH is Finally Coming Online – Magical Times of Accelerated Frequencies ~ August 2, 2022


Welcome to this fiery month of August and the 8:8 Lionsgate Portal. The Powerful Leonine energies are pulsing into this realm from on High. Many feel as if this is a Shamanic initiation by fire.

With the power of our all~mighty I Am presence we continue to blaze this realm with the Violet Flame of St Germain.

We are feeling the burning from the fires from within as we purify and transfigure all that no longer serves the highest good of Gaia and all her children.

No matter what you are feeling and experiencing right now, continue to go through and through and through until full compression breakthrough. As the Buddha Consciousness comes to Light our Enlightened Ground Crew of the 144 transmit the codes and frequencies of Love and Bliss to Pachamama and all her Children of the Sun.

These are some of the most intense energies of this timeline as the old false matrix continues to crumble and the New Earth rises like a Phoenix out of the ashes of that what came before.  We have prepared for this over many lifetimes and timelines for the full Transformation of our Sacred vessels into Avatars of Light. Nothing stopping this transmutation into Beings of Infinite Light and Infinite Life…A’Ho!

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