Cosmic light Force – August 2, 2022

We have been living in Heaven & Hell on Earth for awhile now. We are witnessing some of the most beautiful things, but simultaneously there are massive tragedies going on too. Extreme weather are causing massive destruction for millions of humans. And yes there are weather manipulation taking place too, but that is also part of cleansing the old Earth. There are factual data that repeatedly shows that when the human collective energetic signature is chaotic, stressed, angered or sad — Earth’s weather patterns also manifest itself in reflection to these energies.

Humanity is NOT in harmony, so Earth’s weather also reflect it. We are in a transition, a Great Shift, an exodus of the old system — and unfortunately humans in lower frequency are part of this old system as well. This is NOT to say it’s only happening to the Chinese. There are MASSIVE flooding & heavy rains happening all over the world right now — in Russia, Europe, India, Central & South America.

This is not to bring sadness or lower your vibration too. You must zoom out & see it from the Grand Shift. Be aware of it for the intention to dissolve it — by harmonizing the frequencies within your own life, your own body, your immediate environment, your real life social network. By doing so, your Energy ripples into the quantum field to dominate, to take dominion of this place (as said in the bible) & to further dissolve the old. This Higher Energies will fuel & support YOU here & now.

Hundreds of thousands evacuated in China amid heavy rains, floods

South China floods force tens of thousands to evacuate

China’s eastern province issues highest alert for floods

60,000 people missing in China after massive flooding in Guangxi


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