Hare in the Moon Astrology ~ August 2, 2022


the Heart of Chaos
the Heart of Chaos

Alive in the Heart of Chaos…

Question: Are you wondering why so many of us are feeling all over the place – everything from disengaged to despairing to stuck to purposeless?

Answer: It’s because we are hitting turbulence in the Chaos Nodes – the intersection of multiple rare and historic energy cycles all at once – akin to the perfect storm. This is the transformation we asked for but didn’t expect. This is the permanent, irrevocable, no holds barred Re-Set we said we wanted but have resisted all the way.

Today’s extremely rare conjunction between Mars/ Uranus/ the karmic Node of Fate at 18 Taurus square Lord of Time and Karma Saturn in Aquarius is the heart of Chaos- a place where things are pulled apart, different, unknown and uncertain.

Frame this Chaos Node as an energetic sorting device.

When a Chaos Node meets your Time-line, multiple factors escalate, accelerate and interact with each other in ways that can’t be predicted and your choices reach a tipping point. It means that all our/your old 3D patterns/escape routes of moving swiftly on to the Next/New shiny thing without learning the lessons or taking any responsibility have now completely run out of road. As has narcissism, the cult of constant self-improvement and superficiality. Think about it – try as you might to work your old magic tricks, they don’t cut it any longer.

This Chaos Node is also acting as a Cosmic Recycler removing what is over and done in your life.

These cosmic wild cards are clearing, sweeping away, deleting, and dissolving your old forms of self-distraction, along with outworn and outgrown allegiances to individuals, groups, teachers and entire belief systems. While it is tempting to try to cling on to them as familiar anchors in a wild new world, the more you try, the quicker changing events and circumstances beyond your control will remove them for you.

This is revealing your Evolutionary Edge where you are learning to survive and even thrive in uncertainty, complexity and entanglement

Orienting yourself to something essential inside of you frees you to intuitively do what feels good/right/aligned in the moment. There are no spiritual/ unspiritual activities. There’s no longer the choice of staying in your comfort zone of spiritual bypassing /materialism. Of trying to control things. You are learning to master being in the moment, in the Zero Point creating from there. With Intention but no expectation or insistence on specific outcomes.

This is what the Chaos Nodes /Freedom Codes are delivering: the ability to pull the past and future into the present moment.

Source: www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk

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