GAIA DAILY – Aug. 1-5 – LION’S GATE ~ August 2, 2022


Energy upgrades
Energy upgrades

We have entered the Lion’s Gate Portal as of last week’s New Moon in Leo, and this energy peaks out on the 8th-10th of August. The Sun in Leo is in exact trine with Jupiter at 8 Aries. Jupiter just turned retrograde and sits as if suspended in time, as the Sun comes into this sweet trine. The message is that the Way ahead is made. But there are some unexpected backtrackings and detours required to get there.

Mercury in Leo is exactly opposite of Saturn in Aquarius, making a Grand Fixed Cross with the Nodes of the Moon. The North Node of the Moon represents the only way forward. The Nodes of the Moon are getting massively activated in an epic conjunction with Mars and Uranus this week, that peaks out on Tuesday. A new timeline is trying to snap into place, and with Uranus and Mars in Taurus, it’s about an embodiment of higher frequency vibrations.

Venus in Cancer sits in a dynamic sextile to this powerful conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and the North Node. The healing of the feminine programmed shame around higher frequency vibrations is essential. Venus is bringing a dynamic energy of change and starting something new, in a Cardinal square with Chiron in Aries. The feminine in all of us is ready to be reborn like the phoenix, claiming her power back, and celebrating the abundant energies of lusciousness, now available for all.

Mars and Uranus sit opposite the South Node in Scorpio. This is bringing up anything hidden in our subconscious that may be keeping us from embodying our power, and feeling safe in the higher frequency vibrations. Venus in trine to the South Node says we can do this harmoniously, by gracefully and gradually opening to the new energy.

All this energy in Taurus is telling us we need to tend to the physical body, and understand the dramatic changes that are trying to occur on a cellular level. This is our abundance, SuperNovas. And it feels really good but it’s happening really fast. All the planets are on board with the message that it is time for humanity to rise into it’s full potential and claim it’s spiritual evolution. Its happening, in real time, right now, as we surrender and open to receive the Activation and Awakening.

Pluto in Capricorn is one degree out of sextile with Neptune in Pisces next week for the second part of the Lion’s Gate Portal. There is magic in the air. We can break down the old and build the new by conscious co-creation. Its all a Dream we Dreamed.

Tension transits are putting on the pressure for change. Venus will move into square with Pluto next week, as the Lion’s Gate culminates. All the old structures of the feminine are going into the burn pile. She needs to be completely re-created, pure and new, from the Garden again.

Explosive Mars in square to Saturn in Aquarius will be exact on 8:8, bringing a dynamic emphasis to the Lion’s Gate Portal. The masculine leads the way into the New Timeline. He is also being rebuilt, anew. Together, the masculine and feminine rise from the ashes, as we all take it to a new level. These squares are bringing needed tension that can help us push into a new timeline. This time, we will not negotiate away our power.


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