Multi Dimensional Eye Expansion

We ask you to attune to the Light Synthesis in every moment, the complex gift of Light Transmission.

To realise the subtle transformation when your eyes interpret Light, integrated with your consciousness.

We ask you to take a step beyond your current understanding. Expand your light to see a holistic view of the process. Layer this experience with the view of Light Expansion.

See the internal workings of your eyes and become aware of the natural processes.

As you choose this level of focus, expand this sensitivity to every cell, to become truly integrated in your own awareness.

For Light and Colour are expanding, an upgraded language to interpret. It simply requires your multidimensional light field to absorb the higher light codes, to move through to your physical conscious form.

The true awareness to your eyes will assist your higher light vision. Connect to colours and feel a higher light connection with your eyes, hands, feel your light body integrating.

Know you are doing wonderfully well xo


Sending waves of cosmic love 

The Arcturians & Karen Lithika


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