The Galactic Federation Invites You To The Med Beds – July 31, 2022

We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are the wisdom behind the medical beds that are already treating humans on their planet Earth during this fortunate time of transition. There will come a time when these medical beds will be available to the masses.

A lot of you have been going through the ascension process for quite some time. Moments of individual ascension or moments of joy, as they perceive them, come together to become a whole.. Every moment you choose light has a profound effect on your body, on human consciousness, and on Gaia.

With these great dimensional shifts, we’re seeing humans become more compassionate and caring. This is excellent. You are more triggered by this energy from the Great Central Sun.

So many of you are curious about medical beds and how they might help humanity rise right now. It’s an intriguing topic and a lot of people will be asking. Many people will be reluctant to use their healing skills because they have been taught and conditioned to fear what could help them most.

It is a restart, an improvement, a fading of diseases and genetic predispositions within the human genome that have become diseases. You might think of it as removing a program or removing a virus from your computer.

Human beings will be illuminated by light, love, peace and clarity. Humanity will awaken to the higher level of light that already exists within their bodies. Medical beds simply reset the person’s DNA. That’s all there is to do.

All existing diseases, scars, and ailments will be replaced with higher dimensional form of health, and all the replacement hips and joints will be healed and perfect. Many of these facilities are available to us. Most galactic cities have them and you’ll find them aboard many of our Galactic Federation ships. You can use them while you sleep not only to heal or reset, but also to optimize and recalibrate your DNA.

There are many ways medical beds are highly beneficial when used for quantum healing processes of the body, mind and soul.

Medical beds can be tuned at several frequencies to facilitate specific healing goals.. For example, trauma requires longer, gentle healing rather than short, intense healing.

It’s conceivable that lower dimensional values were never useful to you in the first place. However, they were introduced into their genetic frequencies and now they are realizing they must be eliminated.

We understand the anger and conflict he’s been feeling. For healing purposes, fill it with light. They won’t bother you anymore. That’s no longer the case.

This unrestricted experiment was primarily in favor of the darkness, the controllers. They are being removed because they do not want to be reconditioned and reset into the light; therefore, they have chosen elimination. They are not your concern anymore.

The light has come.

Medical beds are magnificent works of art and advanced technology. Because we are surrounded by celestial vibrations, we choose to use our knowledge to promote health, wellness, harmony and wholeness. For the culmination of this enormous genetic modification effort, so that individuals who have been enslaved are set free and burst into the light of their greatest potential within their physical bodies.

When the time has come to step in and enjoy the rejuvenation process of a medical bed. He will feel familiar.

We have huge cameras in our light vessels filled with thousands of lavender vessels that blink and vibrate—sometimes—to look alive. They’re light and soft inside, like the most comfortable bed you’ll ever sleep in.

There are several wavelengths at play. You will feel completely at ease and trapped in a capsule of light, music and love.

If you are a light warrior who has been assigned a specific mission that comes with a lot of responsibilities, you may be assigned a pod with a particular color and you will be in touch with your pod. It recognizes you. This is your medical bed.

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