Drain the Path For NESARA – July 31, 2022

President Trump is draining the path for Justice and Greatness? Recent Terminations / Resignations:

Christopher Krebs director of CISA – Cybersecurity and Infrastructure in DHS – U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He refuted his claims that the election was rigged;

Jay Clayton Chairman of SEC – U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He was occasionally criticized as being too soft on Wall Street;

Mark Esper Secretary of Defense was terminated by President Trump;

Richard Pilger Director of U.S. Department of Justice…

An administration official said the directors of the FBI and the CIA could be next.

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QFS Functions and Characteristics

No fiat currency is legal in QFS. Banks are no longer in control. Banks are now obsolete!

QFS puts an end to corruption, usury and manipulation within the banking system and Central Banking system.

QFS is completely independent from existing centralized banking systems; makes all other transfer systems obsolete.

QFS is not crypto-currency. After REVAL (re-evaluation) all sovereign currencies will be asset-backed.

QFS activation ends “Central Banking System” that perpetuates what some refer to as “Debt Slavery.”

QFS is alive with controllable Artificial Intelligence that creates financial security and transparency.

A country’s sovereign currency will have the same value as another country’s sovereign currency.

Each QFS account throughout the world will be solely owned by the account holder, not owned by banks or governements.

QFS replaces SWIFT with new transparent CIPS (Cross-Border Interbank Payment System).

QFS runs on a new Photonic Computer – based on 24 GPS orbiting satellites (protected by the new U.S. Space Force). All funds are GPS traceable forever


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The QFS is “alive” with consciousness, and can identify your DNA and frequency of your brain waves. The quantum energy field is alive with super-intelligent consciousness. Because the quantum energy field is located within the consciousness of each human being, it can be contacted by each human being. The quantum energy field knows who you are, and what you are doing. Because you are part and parcel of the super-intelligent, multi-dimensional, quantum energy field – as is all physical matter in creation.

QFS can read your mind and knows your location at all times through frequency waves. This connects back to earlier discoveries by pioneer physicists Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Max Planck, and modern quantum physicists and spiritual sources that say we are all connected at the sub-atomic quantum level through our unique energy signature, vibration and frequency. As well as our thought-energy.

The quantum computer system cannot be hacked or misused. The Dark Cabal loves to steal money, digitally. However, hackers are doomed to break into the QFS due to its highly advanced technology. Several hacking attempts have been tried by the Dark Cabal, and all attempts have met with failure. In fact, in an alternative news report, it said that once the quantum system has identified the location of the hacker’s computer server, the QFS has the ability to send a signal back to the hacker’s server and destroy it. It has been reported that all assets, wealth or funds stolen by the Dark Cabal will be returned to every human being on the planet via the QFS.

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Cross border digital currencies have been in a pilot phase for the past month around the world.

These tests measure the efficiency, speed, and safety of these interactions.

We are approaching implementation.

* Goldilocks

⬇️ Below is an old article to prove it has been in a pilot phase for a month.

We are moving into phase 2. There is talk of a possible delay, but I am not buying it at this time for good reasons.

* Goldilocks


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