Just Sayin… – July 30, 2022

Editor’s Note: Is this “fear porn”, or…advice to be taken seriously? I tend to be somewhere in between, that is, maybe not stocked up for my “normal” diet, but certainly able to not starve should food stores go south!

Might be the moment to find your own “sweet spot” of good stores, realize it’s all about to become so much better, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


I just posted this in chat:

Word of warning… my husband works for Kwik Trip. Which is a huge convenience store chain in the Midwest. Kwik trip has their own farms and creamery in Wisconsin where they provide butter, eggs, chicken, milk etc to all their stores in the Midwest, fresh daily. Because they are relatively self sufficient, they have rode out the shortages successfully. However, today the big wigs came in and informed the staff they have no flour, no chicken, no beef, no eggs… they can’t get it anywhere. Not sure what is going on in Wisconsin but they said they can’t get flour anywhere or the eggs they use in breakfast sandwiches anywhere nationwide. They said there Is no end in sight. This shortage is not temporary. If it is hitting suppliers now, it is a matter of days or weeks before it hits us as consumers. If you don’t have food stocked go TODAY!

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