Whiplash Today – July 26, 2022


Heed the Warnings

This is what is going to happen..

It is in the drops.

Massive Zero Day Cyber Attack

Planes & Trains

Global Stock Market Collapse

= Precision Cyber Attack on Cabal Companies.

POTUS said Countless Times the Stock Market will collapse the likes that no-one has ever seen before..

Same as Bitcoin – Heather Pierce warned you Internet turning off will kill it & that is in the drops too about Internet turning off

The Event drops was for you to work out involving the Three Gorges Dam.

There is so much to take in i know. But it has to be done this way.





Next 24hrs



So I just shared the connections with Melania’s 07/28/2013 storm tweet right? And the fact that the storm = 39 and she was 39 years 39 days on 07/26/2013 (two days ahead of 07/28/2013 storm tweet).

And today = 552 days since Trump was in DC. 552 = storm coming…

There was a bomb threat at the hotel where Trump is speaking in DC today.

Remember the drops that said XMAS IN DC? I shared them above. Drop 1100.

Guess what?

Drop 1744 posted 07/28/2018 (the same day 5 years after Melania’s storm tweet) and drop 1744 says “BOMBS AWAY. MERRY CHRISTMAS”


PM Modi will open the trading of SGX NIFTY and launch the International Bullion Exchange (IIBX) in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, on July 29, 2022.

So far, about 60 qualified jewellers have signed up for IIBX. 

“This shall empower India to gain its rightful place in the global bullion market and serve the global value chain with integrity and quality.”

The report said that once the gold is imported in India, it will be stored at the IFSC approved vault. After that, a depository receipt will be issued and then the gold will be ready for trading.


Anyone remember what project SGX is part of? Project Guardian, was it? 🙃🔥😎


They keep writing All Assets Deployed.

I keep thinking 3 Gorges Dam


3 7 4

3 G D

July 27 – Q Watch 2nd Marker

Evergrande is a theme.

This is the Black Swan

All Bond holders being told to sell

The day before

Deadline to restructure 2moro.

The day before Comm Games

Train Strike London.

July 28 – New Moon 10:55 UTC

Opening ceremony

August 9 – Games End

August 11 – Green Corn Moon

September 3 [Mr Pool 03/6 Flip the 6]


Timestamp 03/09 [September 3]

All about Regulation

Trump E’Os

Liquidity Event

Mr Pool Comex 589 [Silver Rule]

6 × 1’s again Flip the 6 to a 9.

September 11 – Protocol 20 NDA Lift

311 [5] x 2 = 10

September 10

Harvest Moon – Sept 10.

We know Israel is Last. We know Nesara was supposed to happen this date in 2001.


Mr Pool loves his Moon’s.

Well there is 3 that tell a big story.

Grassley loves his Corn.



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