Telegram Today – July 26, 2022

Well, fancy that.


BRICS developing new global reserve currency – Putin

It will be based on a currency basket of the five-nation bloc, according to the Russian president


Great read!

its happening assest back currency!!




Anyone noticed it’s been a bit quiet lately? People are finally catching up on sleep? Intuition is getting stronger?

This is a great thing — looks like we are getting prepared for the next phase!!

These next few weeks ahead may end up being the quietest time in our life. Enjoy it, you’ve earned it 🥰❤️✨

Once RV and declas hit I’m sure there will be a flutter of oh shit it’s game time 🔥🔥😎🔥🔥 between upgrading our lifestyle (homes cars superyachts islands), traveling and relaxing, helping out friends and family, starting families and our humanitarian projects, life will never be the same again

Some of us may even have a few new job offers depending on how all this shakes out

Point is: It will be busyyyyyyyyy

So enjoy your R&R. There is a season and a reason for everything

Join us:



Lobstr ✅


Chinese Bank Run Turns Violent After Angry Crowd Storms Bank of China Branch Over Frozen Deposits


Ghislaine Maxwell Appeals Verdict, Sentence In Sex Trafficking Case


Watch: Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham Mocks Joe Biden in Comedy Skit

Not long after President Joe Biden’s inauguration, both the Washington Post and USA Today referred to him as “too competent to satirize.” After four years of “Orange man bad,” comedians were going to have to find someone else to make fun of other than the sitting president.

Yeah … that aged well.

A couple years down the line, ventriloquist and comedian Jeff Dunham has proven just how easy it is. Dunham released a videopoking fun at President Joe Biden. The video titled ”Fireside Shats” in reference to the fireside chats hosted by former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, has one of Dunham’s puppets, Walter, answer questions posted by viewers.

“As a “man of the people” my good friend Walter… I mean… “President Biden”, asked YOU, the fans, to submit questions regarding issues affecting your daily lives,” reads the description of the video. “So in the fashion of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, he’s decided to sit down next to his fireplace and give you answers. And yes, these are your ACTUAL questions; and now his responses… Yikes… Someone else needs to take the wheel…”


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