BIG BREAKING: We And Our Planet Are Shifting Into Higher Consciousness – July 13, 2022

Ascension is a shift from the physical form into the higher realms of light. In the past, Earth has been in the third dimension of consciousness, where we have experienced duality—good versus evil, love versus fear, and so on! 

The new energies coming forth are awakening us as individuals to go beyond this duality and embrace our connection with everything around us. All beings are undergoing a process of healing and upgrading their DNA and cells through what you might call a vibratory frequency increase, which will affect all kingdoms (including humans, animals, plants, and minerals) upon the Earth.

The truth is that you are shifting into higher consciousness at this very moment. This shift is not only happening to you, but also to our planet, Earth. She is engaged in the ascension process right now. The Earth has Her own consciousness and desires. She has a plan and a purpose for Herself, just as you do within your human body.

Our planet Earth, along with all of the beings on it, is also engaged in this ascension process, just like you are. We call Her Gaia, and She is a living being who is also moving into 5th-dimensional consciousness. As a matter of fact, She is the planetary Logos for this sector of space.

The Earth’s ascension process will affect all the life forms upon Her: all animals, birds, insects, plants, and trees; all bodies of water; the physical land itself—mountains, plains, and deserts; the atmosphere surrounding Her; even celestial objects near Her, such as the moon and sun. Everyone on Gaia is affected by this ascension process in one way or another. You might feel as if something “big” is happening or about to happen on a grand scale, and that would be correct!

Gaia has had a challenging time lately as She has been processing the negativity that was projected onto Her by so many through the ages. You already know who I mean! And yes, they are still here, causing trouble even now, but their numbers are dwindling, and their reach no longer extends far beyond themselves. Hooray!

Gaia is also going through a process of healing as She shifts into higher levels of consciousness. Rest assured that everything that needs to happen to help Her heal will happen in due course, exactly at the right time. You see, there are actually different groups or races of Light Beings who have accepted stewardship responsibilities over Gaia during this Ascension cycle-just as you have stewardship responsibilities for your own ascensions and part of Ascension work involves stewarding others who cannot steward themselves at this time.

Gaia’s Ascension is happening now. What is important to remember here is that this Ascension has been taking place for some time now, but it has accelerated in recent years. In fact, the entire process of Ascension for Gaia was accelerated when the Galactic Federation put out a call for others to help with our planet’s ascension process about twenty-two years ago.

The simple truth is that Ascension involves being willing to move away from duality and into unity consciousness. This entails shifting focus away from self and toward others, resulting in a balance between self and others so that each person feels as if they have equal rights and opportunities. This also means moving towards greater acceptance within society as well as within oneself because acceptance leads directly into love, which leads directly into unity consciousness.

Take a moment to look inside and ask yourself, “What do I want to experience now that everything is changing rapidly?”

Allow your mind to be open to new possibilities. Instead of asking yourself the same questions over and over, bring light to the situation and ask yourself something new. As you realize that a lot is changing rapidly, allow your mind to be free enough to receive guidance and use love and light as tools in order to help you through this process of change.

Asking for help also keeps you focused on what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Using light as a tool will shift the way things work in your reality, so it is important at this time that we all focus our energy on what it is that we want and how we can manifest it into our world.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


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