As Above, So Below – July 13, 2022

Editor’s Note: As the search for personal truth continues, reasoning is shared below helping us understand the “why’s” about what is happening on Earth at this moment.

Quantum Awareness, as it develops, indeed lifts one (“ONE”?) out of existing inside of any repeating fractal pattern, thus we see creativity and originality are born.

And this is the beauty of developing Quantum, giving us the ability to KNOW, And then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


by Tanaath on 03/30/16

Short post this time, but important. I’m also doing some running around the countryside for the next little while so I won’t be able to post regularly. Plus I need to get caught up on my writing.

As Above, So Below

This one is pretty straightforward. As I said at the beginning of these posts, we live in a fractal. A fractal is an iterative, recursive, repeating pattern. All of the dimensions and densities are part of this fractal. The term ‘as above, so below’ discusses this. What this tells you is that the patterns that exist at one iteration of the fractal are going to exist in other iterations of the fractal. So particular patterns will be found in the lowest dimensions (below), and the highest dimensions (above) and everything in between. But, as I mentioned in my first posts on these topics, at any given level the fractal expression may ‘look’ differently from another level. Depending on what your frame of reference is, the ‘picture’ changes, but the pattern always remains the same.

What this means in concrete terms is that all the things we experience – the big picture patterns – we’re going to observe elsewhere in creation. This can be useful – for instance, if you want to know what subatomic particles looks like and how they behave, observe the cosmos at the macro level, because the movement and shapes of galaxies within superclusters is the same. It also means we’re going to see some of the same things we observe in our own society in other societies, even supposedly ‘higher, more enlightened’ societies. If we are capable of useless political processes and dysfunctional beliefs, so are the people in higher dimensions, because they are part of the same flawed pattern as we are. This is why it is such a trap to assume people in higher dimensions are always going to be more mature, more enlightened, or better, than people down here. They’re not – they’re subject to the same mistakes we are. But boy, do some of them ever like you to think they’re better, because then they can gain control over you and suborn you to their will.

The ‘as above, so below’ concept has an important implication that the ones who created the Big Problem don’t want you to realize. This is the whole reason Terra was chosen as the ‘battleground’ for this little mess. Simply, to change the whole, you change one part. To change the entire fractal, it’s only necessary to change certain parts of it. Terra is a particularly interesting planet – for whatever reason its position within the universal fractal is such that what happens here has the capacity to alter the entire fractal. This is why this planet is so important to Alternate and why so much time, energy, and resources have been invested into controlling us and trying to trick us into a maze of falsehoods. This is also what has drawn so many ET and ED stakeholders – although not all of them understand fully the implications of this and simply see it as an opportunity to further themselves, even if at the expense of others.

If we push this notion even further, we come to the inevitable conclusion that, since we are a part of the fractal, if we change ourselves, we change the world around us. This is a deceptively simple, yet very difficult concept. It’s one that might be easy to contemplate, but actually doing it is very hard in the context of an artificial reality that keeps reinforcing itself. Because the reality around us refuses to show us in very cogent ways how much it changes as we change, it feels like it’s only us that changes. However, these things add up, especially when we’re all trying to make the same kinds of corrective changes – to become more ourselves, to take back our personal sovereignty and personal power, to regain our autonomy and to become more balanced. Sooner or later the ‘weight’ of our own personal change will requirethat the Matrix reprogram itself to reflect those changes, and then we will start to see the results in wider ways.



9 thoughts on “As Above, So Below – July 13, 2022

  1. This universal maxim allowed the energy released for the Earth, July 8th.1964, access by the powers of Hell to the rise up into this world, and could have happened without the sacrifices of Alien Adepts.
    We were living in ignorance, in the threat of nuclear war.
    Details in the annals of The Aetherius Society, and in my book “Metaphysics and The New Age”.


      1. You can get it on Amazon, and remains on my computer.
        Something went wrong with the account when I changed service and communication became impossible, no royalties although UK prices are double.


      1. Yes, and I have confirmed my book is listed on Amazon Books under the title, “Metaphysics and The New Age”.
        Published in 2009 ( or was it 2010).


      2. It is good to hear.
        The Aetherius Society never acknowledged it, as I included some things not from George King.
        Many Thanks.


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