MH370 Explained (Sorta) – July 9, 2022

Now you know the Technology that was onboard flight MH370/

Those microchips could be used for Several Defensive reasons (as shown below)/But what you haven’t seen is the use in an Offensive attack!(can cause devastation to a city>Mil ops>or destroy every server in each city)


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[They] are trying to create the race War riots….

I heard a general speak a few months ago and he just said

“Summer on Fire”

He was talking about EU cities and what [DS] WAS PLANNING…

But most ANONS knew most of this already…

I can tell you……. Alot of Troops in EU have swallowed the red pill

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Saved for last ISRAEL= Obama/Bush.BID.EN& Cabinet allegiance to Israel & EXPOSURE of Mo.loch God of child sacr.ifice & blood(DRENO)/bohemian Grove/justice for 9/11

***Dark to LIGHT

[They] didn’t steal an el.ection. They were given So [They] could hang them selves


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One thought on “MH370 Explained (Sorta) – July 9, 2022

  1. Now you know the Technology that was onboard flight MH370/???
    We don’t know a thing, what did I miss? There was nothing regarding flight MH 370 that this post explained. Again, what did I miss here????


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