How Money Management Changes from “Them” to US! – July 9, 2022


The beginning of the Great Reset.

Imminent large-scale cyber attack on critical infrastructure triggering a Dark Winter.

Power Grid Down

Internet Down

Banking Offline

Systems failures

Shortage of cash in ATMs

This is The Plan.



True story.


Oh man I already loved Mi Elon before but now that I’ve just seen this gloriousoness, I love him even more!!!


Elonstellar is trolling Ultrastellar



Elonstellar = stellarmart

Ultrastellar = Lobstr

Elon and StellarRussia are working with Whip on Project Aurora (ERS to bring total transparency, trust, and better operations without all the fraudulent incorrectly marked scamminess (aka defamation) to Stellar wallets that has been plaguing Lobstr 😍🔥) #LobstrKiller

Join us:



Lobstr ✅


This is precisely why QSI focuses so intently on teaching ascension, money mastery, and wealth management training

Most of us have never had remotely this amount of money before. If you dont learn how to change your mindset, no amount of money will change your life. You will end up exactly where you are now financially if you don’t do things differently

Truth: you will sabotage yourself either through frivolous spending, giving all away to people/organizations without a proper strategy on how to perpetuate your funds, lacking discernment on how to invest in the right humanitarian projects and end up instead investing into a big black hole, etc

How do I know this??

1. Human psychology

2. Personal experience (who has heard my family’s story I’ve told on numerous calls now?)

3. Only less than 1-2% of QSI have ever watched or participated in our numerous calls on this topic, therefore there is a high chance less than 5-10% of you will be able to perpetuate your wealth for more than 3 generations and the majority will spend it all in less than 1 generation 😨

But you can change your trajectory by changing your mindset and learning how to do things a better way…

Start by watching our calls. They’re all on our YT link

Dont ask me for the YT link. It’s on all my posts 😅😅😅

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Lobstr ✅

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