The Lemurian Unicorns ~ July 5, 2022


SIRIUS GATEWAY ~Here we go ,We are in for some high frequency energy downloads and upgrades in the next days/week. The energy is already pretty high because of the powerful solar energy coming in. Additionaly we will receive high frequency energy from the star system Sirius in the first week of July. We call it the Sirius gateway and it will end on the day of the 77 portal (July 7th). We are in for some treats from the Universe as Sirius is our parent star and the spiritual Sun. Are you ready?

New energy, new light codes, new upgrades, levelling up and moving foward. The connection between the Earth, the Sun and the star Sirius is bringing spiritual progress and this means we are also in for some triggering, tiredness, but also bliss. Some might experience a death and rebirth process. Don’t try to block it, as your ego will suggest. Open up to every emotion that will show up within. Feel it, experience it as the observer and learn from it. It will show you where you are blocking yourself and being afraid of your own power and light. Open up to the darkness and you will find more light. Embrace and welcome change, don’t try to fight it. Sirius energy will help us access our true self in a deeper way and heighten our intuition. Open up, listen and receive

And so it is

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