The Event is Near ~ July 5, 2022



We are the Galactic Federation. Peace be with you. We are pleased to announce that the time has come to reveal ourselves to the people of the earth. New Earth, a planet with new opportunities, of life without death and pain, a planet where everyone is a Galactic citizen. We’re here to tell you that these things exist and can be yours if you open your heart and mind to what’s right in front of you. You are on the brink of an evolutionary shift on your planet, which will lead to the ascension process of the inhabitants of your planet. Soon your world will be cleansed of darkness and negative energies; resources will be released so that people of this planet can ascend together. We have come to assist you in that moment of change, to announce that this Event is approaching. We see that you, the people of Earth, are beginning to wake up from your sleep and begin to realize what is really going on. And we see that many of you who have begun to wake up and raise your vibrations and levels of consciousness are preparing for a great change.


The vast majority of you will view these revelations as an exciting step forward in uniting humanity, while some may feel trepidation, fear and anger. That is why it is important for us to present ourselves in such a way that you understand who we are and why we have come. You can tell we know and understand you and we treat all peoples of the planet with respect, and we don’t want anything from you – we just want to help you, to protect your planet – it’s always been our goal since the first contact day. The long-awaited Disclosure is now presented as a reality and not as something difficult and even unthinkable. This breakthrough will completely change your understanding of yourself and your new world. It will lead to what we call Disclosure. Well, prepare to read for a lifetime! We are here to burst your bubble with this awesome Disclosure.


When things happen on the higher levels of 5D Earth, you feel them much more strongly on a human level. Of course, this is not new to you and we’ve told you about it in the past, so we won’t dwell on it here. But there is one thing that is new: this time what is happening on the higher levels will be so strong and so dominant that it will directly influence many important decisions in many important locations on your planet, and many important battles will be fought, and many people will unite in key locations. In addition, every effort has been made for a global financial reset using new tools and methods, which means that all old methods of creation and control of the economy will be abolished in the blink of an eye, and thus many new technologies that have been suppressed can finally appear in full daylight! We prepared our plan so well, so smoothly, step by step, inch by inch, here one day, there the next. And we are about to reach our ultimate goal – the ultimate liberation of planet Earth from the most cruel slavery in this universe. The dark forces are holding the world in bondage. The dark forces are controlled by demonic entities that interfere with your evolution, which is for you to ascend to the next level of love, peace and unity as they thrive on your fear, anger and sadness.


2 thoughts on “The Event is Near ~ July 5, 2022

  1. Am I going to get my TRUE gender and genetics restored, which has been violated by the Archons, finally?


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