Earth has never BEfore Experienced what is Happening at this Present Time with “TIME”.

Since she was created billions of years ago. . . she has been Encapsulated with Time and Space.

Each time she has Graduated it was from a 3D civilization to another 3D civilization. . . one after the other.

She did NOT Graduate each time. . . but the same effect repeated for all her land mass would sink to the Oceans to BE Cleansed and the former land masses. . . after Ocean Cleansing would Rise Up again.

What is so different This Time around. . . is that Mother Earth shall Graduate to a HIGHER Dimension where NO “TIME” exists.

Much has Happened to “TIME” since the old days!

Have you noticed how “FAST” the Time flies by? The day is NOW way less than 12 hours long.

Why? It is because We are NOW in the Photon belt. . . and Earth Graduating to a HIGHER Dimension where NO TIME exists.

The second has BEcome shorter because of the Photon belt.

TIME is Speeding Up. . . and when it reaches 100% there Shall Be NO TIME. . . just like the Lighted Realms. . . for they do NOT operate on Time as We do on Earth.

Have a Great Short Day Dear Ones!!!

Mother Earth shall Graduate very. . . very soon!!! (Our time)


Pars Kutay

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