Camilla Ma Ra Åkerström ~ July 3, 2022


new Galactic wave

We are in a new Galactic wave where the galaxy is expressing in a totally new way. The shift is happening on a universal level. It is not only planet earth that is ascending, it is an universal event.

The magnetosphere is shifting in the whole galaxy. We are receiving new cosmic rays and frequencies. There has been a re-mapping of the new earth, new stargates have opened and old ones closed. The sun used to be seen as “yellow”, and now it has shifted into new frequencies too.

There are no veils any more. The old veils where locked in density, as they where all magnetic based. This means that beloved Mother Earth is more responsive to the new rays and cosmic new frequencies. She is ever expanding and evolving, and are now emanating right through the crystalline core out in the new crystalline grid, and ascending into HER Chstistos Sophia Earth Body.

She is shining throughout all the universe, and through all living beings. The light she is emanating now is also different, it is new.

A new reality is here. It is different. It is new.


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