White Hat Info – July 2, 2022

ELON MUSK comes out against DEEP STATE publicly….

tells the audience who ever is writing the teleprompter for BIDEN controls the U.S. (alludes to deep state)///

_hours later.. MUSK comes out as REPUBLICAN….


>) WIRES;: THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD BECOMES A REPUBLICAN AND GETTING READY TO MOVE BILLIONS$$$$$$$$$$$$ INTO RIGHT WING CAMPS that support free speech….. MUSK is advocating To BILLIONAIRE’S ( friends) across the World to bring in Money to TRUMP selected mid term winners and MUSK is getting ready to bring HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS TO 2024 ////

And coming forth with new projects/apps/Plattform Catered to FREE SPEECH

(in other words…. Where DECLASSIFICATION LEAKS are shared world wide among Free Speech FREEDOM FIGHTERS, PATRIOTS, ANONS…..)////


The Storm is coming in heavy

Almost every MAJOR country is preparing for CIVIL UNREST connected to the [COLLAPSE]

Of world economy/food shortage growing/ high gas prices/supply chain disruption..

>>>>> The collapse of FIAT SYSTEM is just beginning ( where the sheep can finally see their is something happening and BIDEN or their governments are lying….)///




you were warned of all these EVENTS for the past year ..

Buckle up.

The news is fake

The war is REAL

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>)WIRES; THE PLANDEMIC, the virus, vaccines, mandates , World ELITEs collusion and the deep state plan and>>> MESSAGES<< between ELITES and corporations……>>>>>>


…….. You think it’s coincidence


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>Bluetooth app. Connecting to dead peoples bodies who died from the Vac.x

If your running out of conspiracy theories that are coming true.. Well here’s a new one.

People are downloading Bluetooth app and searching things near them. The app gives distance and depth.

>A person stumbled upon the app that was showing device numbers that weren’t in sight. And stressed started following these numbers and the locations information and it led to a cemetery. And Hundreds of the dead bodies were emitting Bluetooth signals and all numbers registered were to individual dead bodies.

>Gene decode covers the story more intensely, giving information that those who got Va/xd were being tracked and traced and the nano particle/ technology was being used to connect to Bluetooth app

( This means the technology inside the VA/x is numbered specifically and each person who took the VA/x is being tracked)///

Tens of thousands of people are trying this Bluetooth app hack that is leading then to cemeteries and giving Full directions to every body under the ground.


(I wrote about this technology two year ago… Under Biotechnology/ nano/

And the connection to computers and how deep state wants to control each human through biotechnology. Getting you sick (> nano/mRNA can duplicate sickness when activated and controlled<)…..

The best way to control a human is controlling their future health ( humans come into fear when they know they are really sick. And give power to medical industry to HELP them. …. Through fear the[DS] wants this full control of the human body)

This is their ultimate AGENDA..


From underground chatter:

> Gates has been wanting to block out the sun for years ( stop EMP and also cause good shortage through no sunlight to food )////


>Bill gates fears a powerful release of radiation from the Sun.( Huge explosion of solar flare). This EMP could destroy Trillions in research, creations, distribution of NANO tech/ MRNA/ and the world computers that hosting these servers that connect to VX/D humans.

CABLES;: someone wants to explode a low yielding NUCLEAR explosion in the mid air ( 👉 this would cause a man EMP…. Burn out the grid, electronics, >>>burn out the>NANOs in the bodies<////

_Deep State Military is very concerned if this EVENT happens…. //)))


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Strange times

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