Julie Green Prophecy – July 2, 2022

Editor’s Note: “Prophecy” is really not my thing since it relies so much on the channeler offering the information, yet… these words resonate deeply enough within to cause me to offer them to you for your consideration.

Please read, see how this information feels to you, KNOW that only you control your life, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Julie Green Prophecy March 11👇

They want to cause mass chaos on a scale never before seen. This will not happen. Neither genocide nor depopulation will happen. National shutdowns will not occur again, nor more lockdowns. No, because I always have the final say. They have gone as far as I will let them go, so their end is now at hand. So do not fear or be moved in this time of great shaking. I am here to deliver you.



*Julie Green Prophecy

Jan 23, 2020

Watch as there will be a meteor shower that hits the Earth. Some meteors will cause damage that will be reported. To My children who are double-minded and still are having a hard time believing Me, I am showing you these signs so you can choose what side you are on; choose if you believe fear or faith; choose your enemies’ report or Mine.

Watch the Washington Monument. Something significant will happen. Watch, My children, as your enemies’ plans crumble. All the buildings that have their Luciferian symbols which they put in this nation to mock Me, you thought were just wonderful architecture or monuments meant for something good for your nation. They were not only mocking Me but also the American people. They think that they are the enlightened ones and that you are just too naive so you would never see their destruction of your nation. They wanted this before it was too late.

*Julie Green Prophecy

Jan 23, 2022

A major blow will strike Biden in the coming days revealing more exposures of his deals with the enemies so as to destroy you and where he padded his own pockets. I am allowing the world to know who Joe Biden really was and not just what you thought you knew about him. He has already fallen and another has taken his place. I told you that the so-called Biden will take a bigger fall while on center stage before I remove him. Every eye will see him fall, and all the truth will be exposed about what was done to change your days in 2020 and beyond that started this whole puppet show. Biden’s earpiece is being removed by Me. I am intercepting the frequencies so he can no longer be told what to say. He will speak the words I want him to speak on live TV. His mask will be revealed so you can know who stood in for Biden for so long, and he will pay the ultimate price. I will have the final say and the final laugh in this clown show that was shoved down the throats of so many. I am pulling the rug from underneath their feet.


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