The Perfect Storm – July 1, 2022

Please see these pics and notice the “real” Trump and Melanie are not in this picture as they are securely insulated at this moment.


Everyone. Look at what’s happening to the FED and Central Bank system! Look at all the major cabal financiers literally cutting Russia off from the CB! VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, and others cut ALL services to Russia, but do you think Putin wasn’t prepared? He’s purchased over 700 billion ounces of gold and silver over the last few years and has announced (Jeff B said) that their Minister of Finance said they’re OFF they Swift system! The Ruble is being purchased by Russians at a high rate! The Ruble has been gold backed for a while. While the CB thinks their making the Russian people suffer, the fiat dollar is losing value quickly and Russia and other countries are returning to precious metal backed currency.

It’s about to get hot folks! Buckle up!


Food shortages coming sooner than you think.




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