How To Avoid This… – June 30, 2022

Editor’s Note: Wow! Who to trust, who to believe these days as more and more info is released. Information has been released about recent “Q” drops which have called into question the validity of the driver for perhaps the most popular movement on earth…that of Q.

For me, this pseudo-spiritual “reveal” joins all the other geo-political reveals which serve to reinforce my internal KNOWledge for ME! Am I really that special? You bet, and…So.Are.YOU!

Each of us are the perfect representation of…each of us! When we are able to lose pre-set (often societal) expectations for ourselves, we develop an internal BALANCE allowing us to LOVE ourselves, and…others! By constantly practicing our ability to find BALANCE and LOVE within, throughout all that happens with others as we live our lives, a self MASTERY occurs. MASTERY expands our ability to share our BALANCE/LOVE with others which is the whole point of living!

Getting back to “who to believe”, my answer is to first KNOW yourself, and then LOVE and trust yourself which produces BALANCE, and as you practice and develop this MASTERY all else will fall into place. All the chaos outside will resolve as you find peace inside allowing you to BE in…

Quantum Joy!

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